Saturday, March 05, 2011

Almost 2yrs since i last posted!

I'm surprised blogger was nice enough to keep it on and going at all!

Work's still the same old same old, a constant struggle to impress other people just so that u can get a small share of the business, keep up old accounts, develop new accounts blah blah blah
I've still not found my own little niche just yet, have a temporary edge keeping me comfy, but not enough to see me through in the medium-long term.
Will have to really sharpen up and pull up my socks in order to climb some more.

Golf - on and off thing. Which is bad. I love golf. I really do. But finding the time to go to the range to practice, and waking up on weekends to play with friends can be quite draining some times. But i will persevere. I will move forward, get my handicap, and keep it up. I love the game enough.
And i will stick with my clubs, until i deserve something better. I will not fall into the trap of blaming my tools, it's the user!

Bought myself a car last year, it'll be almost 1year old soon...
The car itself still pretty much looks the same actually. Have been a good boy and not modified it up much. Yet.
Have done up the audio in it, and with this second round of upgrades, i think i have reached a stage where i am quite happy with it, and will likely continue to remain happy with it for a good while more.
Am in the market for rims though. Current tyres are running out - a likely culprit of the last track day to the notoriously rough Pasir Gudang race track.
Thinking of doing a +1, or keep to the current rims, either way i'm told tyre profiles for both scenarios are hard to come by. Will keep hunting.

Dr@n|xX at 9:37 PM