Monday, August 31, 2009

Another long overdue post.

Been busy with pretty much everything else:

Work. Can't really complain i suppose, though it has been a tough year. Fixtures are hard to come by, and even then it's alot of effort for very little money. I'm still pretty much a support team player, have brought in a bit of deals for the company, but i'm still nowhere near the volumes as the big boys. Really need to brush up on lots of stuff in order to inspire confidence in clients. So there, that's work.

Golf. Still suck at it. Thankfully haven't bought anything new to feed the golf addiction. Well.... other than the Maruman Figaro ladies' set for Jac of course... so yes, my financial health hasn't improved that much. Ha. Have been slowly keeping my eyes open for a driver/woods to replace the dinosaur of a driver my dad has left down for me, tentatively looking at the Nike Dymo2 Fairway woods. Am also definitely in the market for a new pair of golf shoes. Have a sentimental attachment to my very first pair of Adidas Tour 360's, but truth is they are hurting me quite a bit, esp throughout the latter portion of a full golf game. Will consider taking up YC's Handicap classes to fine-tune my game so i won't be embarrassing my self on the golf course - though the cost of the classes are a little bit prohibitive at the moment.

Gaming. Still picking up the pieces with mostly slightly older games. Trying to complete Prototype, but some of the later missions are excessively tough, either that or i'm a little too impatient with the button-mashing. Have also recently started on Sins of a Solar Empire - really like that game. Have slowed down a little bit recently as it is a game of massive scale, and has a tendency to just magically make the hours of the day disappear, consequently i have tried to avoid playing it lately so as not to beat myself up for wasting my day. Otherwise have a truck load of other games just waiting for their turn to be completed and uninstalled from my comp: The Last Remnant, Empire: Total War, Dawn of War 2, Devil May Cry 4, Need for Speed Undercover. Dawn of War 2 in particular, coz i've always liked the Warhammer 20K series, and Dawn of War 2 in my opinion is a good game, just somehow never got round to completing it.

Met up with the guys couple of weeks back. Kart has started his own company doing IT stuff, and has recently gone back to India to start up an office there. His program sounds pretty promising, enough for him to secure a couple of grants from a couple of investors from government agencies. Shiv looks to finally have his big break, and looks to be moving to another Ad agency to embark on his dream to be in a Creative role. Undi - same old same old apparently, keeping up his mid-handicap golf game, bought a big-ass LCD tv for his house to hook up to the xbox. Saw their apartment down at Sin Ming, nice comfy place, common areas were decently neat, don't know about their rooms though :P

Jac's been busy with her blogshop (officially launching very very soon, watch this space!!), pictures, website, suppliers, inventory, pricing, and juggling that with her school work and social life. She seems to be a magnet for insurance agents, both to sell her stuff as well as to hire her. Either that or the insurance people have really gone on the strong offensive lately.

Went to my colleague, Jo's wedding at Church of St. Mary of the Angels on Saturday. Absolutely gorgeous church. Wedding was very touching too, the middle-aged ladies couldn't stop weeping and wiping their tears. Jo as usual was all smiles, and the church even broke into unanimous laughter when he was so much taller than his new wife and had to bend down three-quarters a way after the pastor announced "You may now kiss the bride."

Landlady installed new air-conditioners in most of the rooms. Mine being the master bedroom, the compressor was to be outside my room, so i had to move virtually everything out of my room for the piping, wiring etc to be done. What a nightmare that turned out to be. It's one of those multi-split systems, so basically all the wiring and piping were routed to the compressor which sits outside my window, so i've got lots of wire casings on my walls that're getting in the way of my arranging my cupboards and shelves etc. With all the wall knocking, drilling etc, the whole house was consequently caked in a layer of dust/paint flakes, so cleaning up is still very much a work-in-progress. Sigh. At least i've got new, quiet air-conditioners to be marginally happy about.

Dad left his job at YHS a while back. Was kinda worried for him, good that he can leave some of his worries behind. Yet at the same time, he being the bread-winner of the house and jobless was also a very big concern, further more they had plans to send my sister to study in Singapore, so not having an income was a big worry. So am glad that he managed to find a new job, wish him the best of luck in his new posting. Have helped my mum do up the initial application for study of Secondary 1 in Singapore, where my sis will have to sit for an AEIS examination probably this October - fingers crossed she'll do well and will get a place in a school in Singapore. Must admit that it's a bit of a mindset change for me, as i had gone through a very different path for my education, my mum seems alright with this path she's setting my sis upon, hopefully i'll be alright with it too when results are out end of the year assuming my sis is successful, which i'm fairly confident she will be :)

Until then, enough banter. Ciao~

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