Saturday, August 31, 2002

WHOOPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my laptop....... and MAN, found a BEAUTIFUL wallpaper for my laptop, and it looks FANTASTIC when viewed from an LCD screen..... am now scouting around for a nice sound scheme to make my laptop an all-rounder haha ;) try it for urself.... Theme Doctor and look for a "The Ring of Merildor".... the sound scheme is quite out of place, that's why i'm looking around now haha :)

Boy, eventful week. And MAN does time fly. Could've sworn it was just yesterday that it was week 1 and was telling myself that i've got time to play around a little bit more be4 school kicks off..... i couldn't have been MORE wrong..... the pace of life is SO fast that be4 u know it, datelines are nearing, and u'll start losing LOTS of sleep..... Period. Most of my seniors have sleeping bags in their lockers all ready for their overnight stays in school due to HARD last-minute work haha :p Me? I have a feeling i'll be staying in skool till late considering how difficult it is for me to study back at hostel, table so small, house so many people, haha.... as said in my previous entry, i better get down to work :| man, no muse today after coming back from my friend's party..... will post another day lah haha :p

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

URGH! Bad days man.... Mon's first class was ok, but then caught a cold(dunno how), went back to my room to sleep from 12+ all the way till 7pm.... forced myself out of bed to do my homework, unfortunately nothing could be done, so time was wasted till abt 8+ when i FORCED myself to sit down to start work, yeah, did work for abt an hour plus, and all that time spent on say, 2 questions? :( then watched Friends in my senior's room(heh heh), then another senior suggested playing b-ball at 10.30PM, we tot wat the heck, LETS GO MAN, which we did, only to be chased away by the residents nearby coz they were trying to sleep and the ball bouncing sounds were driving them up the wall and ceiling too..... so yeah, we were already in the mood, so wat the heck, we decided to play soccer INSIDE the house with a basketball, then found it difficult to pass the ball around properly, decided to move out to the covered walkway to pass around but the ball kept rolling into the drain, so we decided to play in the lawn behind our house, and there we played till our feet hurt(coz we played barefooted and with a BASKETBALL), i took a hot bath, then TRIED to get on with work....somehow managed to finish one worksheet...(yay?).... and BOY did i use an insane amount of tissue paper.... 2 packets, and one whole box considering the hours that i was awake at all haha, since i was actually trying to save paper and RE-used the older papers that had actually dried, YUCKS, but yeah, no choice, otherwise i'd be labeled tree-killer and i can't live with that, so wat to do?.... I LOVE trees in case u didn't know.... ok ok, i know ur hair's standing on end oredi, back to the adventure at hand ;-) ya, today was also another tree-killing day....borrowed dunno HOW many packs of tissue paper from other people coz i used my own 3 packs.....then now in the 24hrs media theatre trying to catch up on wat i've missed out during my lull period when i realised i was infected by the flu virus yesterday, furthermore the AMOUNT that i missed when the teacher was tokking from all my incessant sneezing and blowing of my nose(yes, the skin on my nostrils are REALLY raw and PAINFUL now.... ;{ ) i have GOT to catch up man.... How time FLIES man.... i could've sworn week one was only yesterday, and guess wat, next week's week 3 oredi, and most of our project proposals are due next week.... sheesh.... wow huh? *and can that couple to my 11 o'clock who are also in the media theatre CONVENIENTLY out of the range of the surveillance cams BEHAVE urselves...* i've decided to NOT study in hostel coz seriously i CANNOT study back in hostel man, considering i'm the happy-go-lucky b*st*rd who's game for ANYTHING any other idiot can come up with(like playing b-ball at 10.30PM in the DARK), so i think i'm going to take the advice of my senior and study in school and THEN only go back to hsotel to play and SLEEP..... speaking of which,OOH man i LOVE my weekend....oh HOW i missed my BEAUTIFUL bed, my BEAUTIFUL bolster, my BEAUTIFUL comforter etc. oh HOW i SLEPT man on sat nite.... woke up at 12pm haha.... and considering that Man U with all its defensive problems managed to hold on to a draw to 6th place last season Chelsea with my favourite ever-reliable Ryan Giggs scoring the crucial equaliser, i've got reason to be happy don't i? :) *i think the couple couldn't stand my watchful eyes on them, they've decided to leave their stuff behind and go out, i suspect to *ahem*, release.. -nevermind- * so envious of my klassmate coz she got her wireless card today, so technically her laptop's all good to go, but somehow there was some configuration problem, so *oh they're back from some FUN huh? ;-)* she couldn't log in, but i'm not jealous at all, just envious, coz it's only 3 more days be4 my OWN comes along =) i can take it =) no problem at all =) i'm strong =) i can make it =) oh yeah, nothing to it =) 3 days will pass quickly =) i'll be fondling my laptop be4 i know it =) i'll be worrying about spending too much money on buying useless accessories for my laptop be4 i know it =) BOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo WHERE"S MY LAPTOP? =( I want my laptop =( *ok ok STOP it, that's ENUF k, i'm not invisible k, although i don mind a free show, u're making me miss my girl, so STOP doing those things to each other!!!! BEHAVE!!!* i DEMAND my laptop!!!! =( WaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAaaaaaHHhhhhh.........

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Ha, classes today were cancelled, so am very free today. Am actually quite proud of myself today coz i specially came down to the library to do some homework, and tho i didn't exactly get much done, but hey, i actually DID get some stuff done. YAY :p learnt quite some stuff from my senior last night.... he told us that for today's class(which were cancelled mind u) we would be allocated HUGE projects just to see how we handled situations, resolved conflicts etc, i suppose that's why they call it the leadership and team-building module huh? Last year's batch, the students under my teacher actually were given this HUGE project where they were asked to go to this Muslim Children's home which housed juvenile delinquents, abandoned children and orphans, and the students were supposed to look for foster parents for these kids, so they had to do some "marketing" to arouse people's interest, then they were supposed interview prospective parents, come up with their conclusions, then get back to the Home's management staff, then the staff would decide which parents were suitable, then the students would have to go MCDS(i have no idea wat that is) to finalize stuff etc. Bottom line is that it was HUGE..... DEFINITELY WAY beyond ANYONE's wildest imagination and experience.... and the best thing is that its ok to screw up, as long as u learn from it coz u have to write journals plotting ur "journey", my senior actually had an 80 page journal.... there were bound to be problems, conflicts etc, and voicing it all out in ur journals and the teacher from there will decide if u've been active, whether u're learning both from the experience and from ur mistakes etc, at the same time she will see how well u've fared from feedback from the home, u noe, basically its like WOW...... and man, textbooks are like SOOooOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoo expensive.... i'm intending to photostat them, in jb haha, so one of the textbooks i'm intending to lug all the way back to jb to photostat haha....hopefully its cheaper haha...... yah, library closing, better stop here haha......

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Using my senior's laptop, ya, skool started liao, things are starting to REALLY pick up haha.... man, the way the teachers are saying it, its like we've got a LONG HARD Journey ahead of us man....... Management Accounting module was VERY HEAVY and particularly scary man, 65% failure rate, etc. Stats was WORST man...... wah lao, the blardy lecturer was drop dead BORING man..................... bored to me to DEATH....... complete idiot...... didn't know wat the f**k he was saying, confused the hell out of everyone, and casually blames the computer...... idiot...... complete MORON....... DUMB to the bone..... BORING enough to make angels want to become mortals so they can die........ then there was Communications class, lesson was ok, but the teacher was also a COMPLETE idiot..... thought he was like SO intelligent by knowing 6 languages, thought his daughter was SO smart to go to one of the top Colleges in Singapore(not that i have anything against his daughter though), kept boasting abt her and yada yada yada.... another addition to the idiots club..... if they didn't have the damn class participation mark, i'd skip all their lectures and just read up on my own man...... its stats and COMMUNICAGTIONS man..... who needs an IQ 0.01 lecturer man..... sheesh..... ok ok, my senior telling stories now haha, i wanna go listen and learn some tricks from the old dog haha :p

"Sec 1 we followed rules, Sec 2 we bent rules, Sec 3 we broke rules, Sec 4 we MADE rules."

My batch of delinquent's motto back in Chinese High

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Sunday, August 18, 2002

Yay, skool's starting tomolo, am looking forward to it, and so far, although life here in college green is nothing like staying in NUS or NTU where ur life never ends, life here is either totally out of ur control or totally insanity-inducing boring.....
My roommate Philip came back from OBS on wed, pretty nice guy, pretty honest, very approachable, tries his best to be neat, many times even for my sake coz he knows i'm a little of a neat freak.... so i'm quite happy haha...
Got my new 6510 on thurs afternoon, WHOPPEE, its like SOOooOOoooOOOOoooooo cool, the beautiful turqoise lights fades on and fades off instead of just suddenly popping out and blinding u...... :) so many new features and so many fun stuff...... ahh......... i love my new phone...... but DAMN IT, the stupid company DELAYED my laptop order!!!!!!!!! Most of my frens who ordered slightly earlier than me had oredi received their laptops a while back and i'm like SOOooOOO bored sometimes here but i don have a laptop to fiddle around sheesh...... all my games are like all prepared for my laptop and WHERE IZIT?!?!?!?!? boohoo.......
Thurs night was the Freshman bash...... OOH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAh...... chio bu haven...... *drool* oh MAN, too bad i couldn't get drunk coz the drinks there could've been improved, had a gin-7-up, and a whisky-coke..... nothing fantastic coz these were from the free coupons that came with the bash entrance ticket, and coz these were housepour drinks which usually came with lousy non-premium shit..... the fashion show was mmm mmm mmm mmm, the girls were ok, pretty good, the guys were, BLEAH, completely GROSS, hopelessly trying to look manly but only succeeding in making me completely want to puke my intestines out..... ESPECIALLY when the guys came on in TRUNKS..... yuck..... there was only one guy who actually had a good body, but he was like a block of wood, and his face had far too few muscles to force out a smile..... some girls complained that the female models were too fake and tried too hard, i think they were just jealous HEH HEH..... i seemed to be doing the same for the guys huh? heehee..... maybe coz i was hoping i was the one up there with the chicks throwing beach balls to me..... :P AND THE worst part was the lucky draw.... sheesh.... the good prizes missed me out like by ONE.,..... this 200dollar voucher for OP merchandise i think got the number 551, and mine was 451...... boohoo..... ooh, my fren was even more pissed coz the grand prize of a 3d/2n stay somewhere outside Spore got the number 111 and she was 112..... HAR HAR HAR HAR...... i'm laughing so loudly coz she got her just rewards for laughing at me when the prize missed me by one HEEHEE :p but oooh, the girls the girls...... ah the girls the girls........ then came dancing.... i've NEVER seen my fren behave that way, but she was like DYING and straining at the leash to go down to the floor to dance, and when she danced, she DANCED.....she even complained that there were too many people on the dance floor and that she had no place to dance..... everyone else just basically moved their hips out of beat from the music, but she? she had an overdose of ecstasy, weed, grass and ice but somehow stayed alive..... the whole bunch of us basically went down to the dance floor just for the fun of it.... but after a while it got SO crowded i couldn't lift my elbows, and after a while more it became hard to breathe, and after a while more, i could've sworn someone, no some PEOPLE molested me sheesh... there were SO many people...... the DJ was good tho, he memorized the song so well that the song immediately came in on a cadence, instead of other djs who usually faded the song out to let another song fade in.... damn good.....
urgh, someone else wants to use the laptop and coz its not mine i can't hog it, so sheesh, have to cut this short, sorry people, can't let u in on the digs :p
another time....

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................ Home SWEET home........ Oh i MISSED you SO much Bolster, Comforter, Bed, Pillow and Mr. Air-con..... Oh i how i love to be in ur company..... :) sheeesh..... came back in the afternoon, took a bath and PLOMP, straight into the embracing arms of my bed, revelling in the comfort of my comforter(gee), snuggling up to my pillow and bolster, ooh yeah...... decided to wake up only at 7.30pm..... :p came back to get some more stuff, probably buy some tomolo morning at Giant, and i'll be back in the late afternoon tomolo haha.... i should think my housemates would be home by tomolo evening, probably shack from OBS Har HAR.... i'm sure they had the TIME of their lives there haha..... i hope my roommate was smart enuf to pack some STRONG repellent, i sure as hell don wan to see him suffering the same plight as me with sandfly bite scars all over me now :( but sheesh, slept alone last night..... easily one of my worst nights this year :| bed too hard, bed sheet too rough, pillow too soft, my towel serving as my blanket was damp and too small.... went to bed at 12+am, slept only at abt 3+am, and out of exhaustion mind you.... but during that period of time, tossed and turned, got up to do some nonsense, went back to toss and turn, went to toilet yada yada yada, but still only achieved unconciousness at 3..... and did i mention sleeping in a COMPLETELY new place that echoes every sound all throughout the house(eg. HelLo hEllO heLLo Hello hELlo......) ALL ALONE in the seventh month of the lunar calendar with the next occupied house 4 houses away was FREAKY? For the most part it was almost purely mind over matter man, coz for SOME reason, my house was nearest the side gate, so there were HOW MANY stray cats in there? They were EVERYWHERE when i came back at abt 11+, under the kitchen window sill, at my maindoor mat, behind me, etc. It was lucky there were lights on 24hrs at the walkways so at least the area was fairly well lit,so at least i KNEW it was cats and not... nevermind, coz i would NOT have wanted to have say 10 pairs of glowing eyes staring at me thru the window in the darkness below.... :| The memory that cats were keepers of the dead didn't help either..... ;( best of all, they all disappeared in the morning... i tried consoling myself that there were renovation works going on in the next lane which must've scared them off in the morning..... :) in any case, good riddance :D

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Monday, August 12, 2002

BLEAHZ...... TIRED sia.... got to College Green today, took my dad's fren's car to Spore, he was kind enuf to drop me at skool, i took the keys, then i had to walk all the way to hostel(which is actually very near, only that i was FULL of stuff.....), and while walking there, my bottle rolled out and rolled all the way into the middle of Dunearn Road.... i was like "OH GOD........." thankfully some drivers were nice enuf to stop their car to let me go get it..... THANK GOD.... but now my Adidas Sports bottle got scratches all over and got a dent too ;( boohoo...... but yeah when i got to my house, GOD was it dirty..... i swept, mopped, scrubbed, and mopped again, i then went to Coronation Plaza to check my GIRO account,then came back, mopped again, did i mention that i mopped THREE times?! Sheesh, am at skool library now, it BETTER be clean when i get back man..... my room-mate seems neat enuf.... he's an Indian from Bangalore, a guy by the name of Phillip, haven't met him coz he's at OBS now... must be having the time of his life there haha :) good for him, i miss OBS come to think of it, cept the sandflies of coz.... and BOY, he has got NICE sheets coz he didn't want to use the sheets provided, which were like old and ugly.... maybe i should get myself some decent sheets too..... and my laptop's not ready!!! boohoo.... AND i'm staying alone tonight!!! ;( boohooo....... so lonely i am......
and i should say that the MEMBERS at are SERIOUSLY bored.......haha....
but i MUST agree that this one's quite chio ;) heehee

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Sunday, August 11, 2002

Yep....tomolo's the big day....the day that marks my attainment of manhood.....NOT...... :p sheesh, i'm putting it as if i come from some ABC Tribe from the Kalahari desert and my mission is to walk barefooted all the way to the Nile and back, armed with face paint, a spear and loincloth to prove to my mama that i'm ready to go out with the guys..... i probably won't update this as often anymore since i won't have a laptop yet, at least i don think so....coz the order's supposed to be ready in 2 weeks which is tomolo, but oh well, u noe, things like that never work out... and school's still a 5min walk away haha.... but we'll see :) maybe some of my housemates might need to go online too haha..... so we'll all go to school since the library lobby is open 24 hours..... ;) tho i don think the school coms would so CONVENIENTLY have ICQ haha :p i do remember them having MSN Messenger tho, but i don recall a lot of people actually using it tho :| oh well, hope my laptop comes soon :) *drool* then i'll have to see wat the seniors say too since i do remember signing on the terms of use that i'm not allowed to game on the school network haha, maybe the seniors might have other ideas ;) making my new phoneline on thurs, ooh, can't wait to lay my hands on the 6510 :) Not sure if i can sleep at all tonight knowing i won't be seeing my bed that often anymore :|
Saw the repeat of the NDP parade today.... gee.... don they come up with anything new at all? It looks like last years to me, and the year be4's, and the year BE4 that too.... and they're attempt to inject some life into old songs by err...wat's the term? jazzing it up? Didn't work.... at least not to me.... I remember singing those songs back in my primary skool days and i don remember them sounding THAT bad..... but that's just me.... maybe some of u younger people out there might prefer it compared to us ol'timers :p Was it me or was this year's fly-past MORE boringER than ever.... 5 planes fanning out... that's it? And THREE miserable F-16's? Damn it.... bomb the carpark of the stadium or something lah, at least then we'll have some excitement.... or those artillery regiments should like miss and hit the east gate or something u noe.... something different for a change.... ok ok, maybe not SO morbid abt the Prez should come into the stadium in full leather and on a Harley too, maybe have a blonde chick hanging on his shoulders too giving him a Tiger or a Budweiser when he dismounts.... Or Goh Chok Tong should swing into his seat Spiderman style, and strike a pose before he sits, i hear its popular with the female and younger voters too.... and the commander's handphone should ring while he's halfway thru giving commands, typical ringtone loud and shrill enuf to wake the dead, then scream into the phone "HALLOH! SI MI DAI JI! BUSY LAH!" Sporean style... wouldn't that scenario be closer to home then? Perhaps it'll inspire some national identity :) SERIOUSLY, are u Sporean's anymore proud than u are seeing the NDP? I'm not saying u're not proud of ur country, but does the NDP make you feel like your life's perfect becoz Stef Sun sang "We will get there"? Maybe this is all foreign to me coz i'm non-Sporean, even tho i've studied here and can safely say i know more abt Spore than my own country.... oh is so strange sometimes.... :|

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Saturday, August 10, 2002

"All checked up and good to go!" Well ALMOST.... haha..... been a while huh? Well, sorry peeps, kept u waiting haha...... Phew, this week was a tough one...... had a stats test on wed, studied SO hard for it yet nothing went in.... and that was only 6 months of sitting on my ass, i wonder HOW do these NS men survive after having THREE years of abstinence from studying haha..... :| and guess wat? studied SO hard, i didn't go for the test at all.... why? woke up with a terrible headache that day haha sheesh..... woke up at 6, head was like SOoooOOOooo heavy as if i drank a sea of beer last night, every time i move my head faster than 1cm/sec the back of my head screams "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"..... but i forced myself out of bed hoping it'll wear away..... well, it didn't, and i got SO frustrated waiting for the f**ked-up m'sian bus that i went back home, took a panadol and got an extra 3hr sleep. Speaking of m'sian buses, i think they REALLY suck.... and still that's an understatement... there's no system governing them, well at least there no longer is one, the bus drivers can alter their routes to fit their mood swings, take a COMPLETELY different route if there happens to be a jam along the way, or if they're fancying some bedroom exercise with their wives that night, they can decide to not take the normal route at all, forcing people to get off at the next nearest stop in order to make sure THEY themselves don't venture too far from home, and the driver has an empty bus, and whooppee, probably rushes off to the nearest 7-11 to buy a damn condom. And if that's not bad enuf, the buses aren't any consolation. Well the buses are the CLEANEST i've ever seen, cleaner than even Spore buses, coz u NEVER see tickets lying around.... why? coz they've casually taken out all the fillings of the cushions and replaced them with old bus tickets, and the next guy sitting there would just casually ensure the next person sitting there will have a slightly more comfortable seat, and so will the next person and so on and so forth.... and if u're bored and KNOW u're going to take a bath and wash ur hands with Dettol later, u can just stick ur hand into the lucky draw ballot box, and hey, u never know, u might just come up with a 8 December 1983 ticket, if u do tell me, i'm offering u RM5 for that. Hey better than nothing rite? its a damn ticket for crying out loud, be HAPPY with that RM5 k.... BUT the suppossed clean bus only lasts as far as the 2nd last row, coz the last row.... wow.... its just beyond words, there u'll find all kinds of stuff, sweet wrappers, those damn noisy seeds people like to eat in the cinemas, and all kinds of stuff, i remember these bunch of kids were SOoooOO fascinated with a disgusting used condom they found stuffed under the cushion of the last row once.... sheesh......i DON'T even want to THINK about wat was going on there.... yuck..... oh, but if u EVER take a m'sian bus, no wait, specifically the jb buses, u won't realise that its clean, coz even tho there's little litter lying around, the bus is SO damn dim, so stuff even with air-con, the lights are all grey with collected dust(and the occasional dead cockroach or gecko), it just equates to the bus being dirty.... sheesh..... tok about ironic.... so imagine my normal day.... i wake up at blardy SIX to wait half and hour or MORE for a DIRTY bus to come, drives me around with the route varying slightly everyday(i've gotten SO used to it the new scenary hardly impresses me anymore), and i get to see the STRANGESt people on the bus, and IF i get to the destination, i normally STILL have to walk to the customs, take the 170 which is a slight consolation coz the air-con DOES work half the time.... but then there's the return journey, and THIS time i have to take the damn bus IN THE NIGHT.... shit... i HATE it when i reach jb around 10, coz that's the time the last bus is supposed to arrive, or not depending on the mood of the driver.... the last bus NORMALLY comes around 10.30, but to be safe i come half hour early, but that half hour of waiting can be SO excruciatingly PAINFUL coz u DON'T know if the bus is coming at all.... the conductors aren't any help either.... i once reached there at abt 10.15, and i was so worried i asked the conductor if the last bus had left, guess his answer. No, it wasn't an "I don't know", i would've accepted that actually.... he said "If the bus comes means the last bus hasn't gone, if it doesn't, it means that it has." He was THIS close to getting a wedgie from me.....and i'd GLUE the damn undie to his CHIN if i had some handy so the next time he opens his mouth he'll get a GOOD whiff of wat ass-talking means.........
So u can imagine wat i go thru, so having to handle that with a very painful and heavy head was asking too much of me.... so haha, i gave up, and decided it was more worth it to take the stats course and skip the test for exemption.... :p
And ooh, hostel? well, packed most of my stuff liao, realised i have like SOoooOO much to bring.... have to move in like phases..... phase 1: bare essentials.... phase 2: oh i don noe.... i'll see to that later haha OH and guess wat? my mum doesn't allow me to bring a travelling bag, so i have to make do with TWO backpacks.... imagine wat a DORK i'd look lugging around TWO HUGE backpacks.... sheesh...... i'd DEFINITELY be stopped by customs man... and DAMN i'd REALLY miss my room..... i spent my lifetime trying to make my room as comfy and homey as possible and now i can only see it once a week..... sob sob but damn, so exciting.... makes a milestone in my life of FINALLY having achieved emancipation for more than a month since the last record of being away from my parents was back when i went for the Europe Exchange Tour for a month back in err '92 i think.... so now its four years.... hope everything's smooth going :) well, Freedom, Here I COME!!!

"What is OBS?"

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Monday, August 05, 2002

REALLY REALLY sorry peeps, really been busy these days, coz i've got to pack for hostel, settle my loan stuff coz the dateline's on the 7th, AND i've gotta study for a damn statistics test so that i can be exempted from it coz i wasn't exempted from Intro Econs and i'm SO pissed coz that'll be taking up one of my courses when i COULD'VE been exempted from it so that i won have to learn econs ALL OVER again.... so i'm DEAD ON passing the stats diagnostic test so i can be exempted from another compulsory core course statistics, so that i can take another course outside of the core syllabus.... but the test's is so diff :( so much F Maths stuff :( and i can't study either...... :( then there's all that overwhelming amount of uni stuff to understand haha, stuff about bidding, yes, BIDDING for courses, yada yada...... bleah...... yah, then the stupid bidding page dunno why is showing me an empty timetable, it doesn't even show the days, which is strange, coz if they at least show the days then i can bid, tho i'm supposed to be pre-assigned some courses so i can't change them..... but its totally empty...... hmm....... better clarify........ tah tah for now :) i promise i'll be back with more muse :p

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Sorry peeps, been pretty busy these few days, so yah, am quite pissed that i'm spending a lot of money these few days too with all that unavoidable travelling that's like sucking up penny by penny of my parent's hard-earned money that could've been used for something more productive sigh.... FINALLY got my damn student pass so i won't have to dirty my beautiful passport with those ugly stamps anymore... FINALLY matriculated so got my password to the school account.... FINALLY submitted my laptop order form so i can expect to be able to caress the magnesium alloy casing in 2 weeks time :) And man, Aug 12th approaching man, the day i move into hostel, not sure if i should be happy or sad man..... i'm DEFINITELY gonna miss my room for sure.... but then for once i'm going to ENJOY going to school...... hmmmmm........................

"Victory knows no pride."

Me after my cousin cursed me for rushing him with 77 forgot-their-names and a level 9 hero Lich in Warcraft III

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