Sunday, February 26, 2006

Man what a wierd dream i had last night.
Dreamt that me, Aaron, Rachel and Tamar were living together in NZ again (sorry Renyu, u're not included coz the biggest shock has yet to come). Apparently Aaron has a very very rich grand-uncle who somehow only recently developed a liking for him. So Aaron lands on a huge pile of moolahs, invites his NZ buddies over back to the land of the sheep and even offers to pay for the trip.
I'm honestly still quite surprised i didn't wake up from this bad dream when i realized Aaron's grand-uncle was none other than Renyu... And Aaron being another car-fanatic, and his grand-uncle (i refuse to call him by his name) upon finding that out, announced that he will be getting a shipment of the dream cars of the world to his mansion in NZ, and that each of us get to pick one car we like.

Me and Aaron having found out that he has a VERY rich and VERY powerful grand-uncle, decide to prowl town and HAVOC :) we rent back that Nissan Pulsar and go ji-xiao'ing cops since Aaron strangely has that magnetism in NZ, we ram them, stick middle fingers at them, spit on their cars and throw water bombs filled with our urine in them at the cop cars. Obviously we get caught at the end of that escapade, but because we know our rights and are entitled to our 1 phone call, Aaron promptly rings his grand-uncle, and voila we're back home scot-free. Apparently his grand-uncle's a cop-hater as well and we got a scolding for not doing more like spray-painting the cars and shit.

Of course to our dismay, while we're out in town having the time of our lives toying with le poulet (French derogatory slang for the police - literally means the chicken [Lili taught me that] ), we come back to the mansion only to find that some of the cars have already arrived, and even more to our dismay, the Enzo Ferrari and the F50 have been taken by Rachel and Tamar respectively - and neither of them have the intention to share, and neither me nor Aaron were in the position to grovel and beg them to let us try their cars since Rachel had gone and put Hello Kitty stuff in her car, making it embarrassing for us guys to drive it, and Tamar's F50 had gone the Body Shop treatment, making its aroma discenrable a mile downwind, and unfortunately for us the car had too distinct a feminine and fruity aroma for us to want to drive it. [I'm sorry gals, i have NO idea how that came into my dream if u're wondering how could i say such things abt u :/ Well at least u got the nice cars... sobz ]
So 2 cars were out. The Ferrari F430 Berlinetti and Spyder (i'm no Convertible kind of guy, so the Spyder was definitely Aaron's) were unfortunately very hot and would take another month to arrive, and since i couldn't be sure i'd be asleep and dreaming that long i decided to take whatever was available.

It turned out to be a Honda S2000. I believe i woke up after that, because i strangely have absolutely no recollection of driving the S2000, modding it, nor even what car Aaron picked. Sobz.

Dr@n|xX at 5:01 PM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I got a lift by a fellow retiree back from school in his car today... he was nice enough to drive to the old SMU Campus and then switched drivers to let me test drive his Honda Integra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D WHOOOOOOOOOOPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

SHIOK man... 2.0litre VTec engine with a silky smooth gear change, who cares if its only a GSR and not a Type-R man..... and damn that stoopeed taxi in front of me holding me back in a one lane road from fully trying out the high-rev vtec.
He had also changed to a cold-air intake so the low end torque gather was pretty good, according to him it was significantly better than when it was stock. Then he had also changed to 17" rims (Thank God too coz the 15" ones that came stock looked terrible :/) and new tires for good traction. He's unfortunately a student like all of us, so he's still desperately saving to afford to be able to change his suspensions.

Sob... i want my car too :'( boohoo
Can i have a real one for Christmas Santa? Pretty please? I'll be good i promise..... *pout*

Dr@n|xX at 2:02 PM

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Muahahaha CNY is over, fortunes amassed, and immediately spent on the new PC, so yep, back to being broke again sob

Consolation was that i got a half working PC :) well it was working half well anyway... everytime windows popped up my video card would pop up a warning box saying it wasn't getting enough power so it has lowered its performance in order to prevent hardware damage. bleah. I thought i had to bring it back to the shop at Sim Lim Square and make another trip with the CPU :/
Then i finally took out my good ol'Altec Lansing speakers from the box only to find that the left speaker was wonky. double bleah.

NOT ANYMORE muahahaha... after an excruciatingly long friday with classes from 8.30am - 6.45pm, i made it a point to open my CPU and look in. AH HA straightaway the problem was evident - the silly guy who had done my hardware installation had forgotten to plug the auxilliary power from the power supply to my video card. Made a few calls to ensure my hypothesis was right, and to double check that my solution would not blow up the computer - voila tip top condition :) whoopee.
Then i was poofed about the speakers... i mean they were good, but the audiophile in me simply will not accept a left speaker with inaudible high frequencies and whose bass cracks before an audible volume. Flipped my subwoofer around, messed around with some wires, and whadaya know, it didn't blow up! :) AND it now makes perfectly crisp sounds just the way music is supposed to be listened to. double whoopee.

Now to complete the whole package. To source for a good wireless keyboard to replace this piece of junk of a keyboard with all the useful keys in the wrong places, with keys that feel so tacky u're not sure whether you've actually pressed the key down or not. And i still have to address the issue of the fonts on my LCD monitor looking somewhat... peculiar...

Dr@n|xX at 11:35 AM