Sunday, November 17, 2002

Oooh, exams are coming. STRESS. The usual suspects again, Accounting and
Statistics. Sigh. Boy did we have ALOT of distractions be4 the exams actually
set in. Projects, timetable bidding etc. Phew i'm so glad the most of it is
behind us now.
Bidding timetables are a chore as usual. Especially if you're in Block B. Coz
this time SMU's cohort was larger than usual so they split the whole cohort
into Block A and B, where Block A people are preassigned different courses from
people in Block B (eg. me) so that our timetables do not clash and over-stress
the teachers haha. Block A people seem to be less Kiasu as i can tell. SMU has
a bidding system for our timetables (business skool will be business skool i
guess). We are given 100 e-dollars a term, and we have to allocate our dollars
to bid for the courses and time slots we want, and whatever you have left at
the end of bidding rolls-over to the next term. Meaning the bidding only gets
hotter and hotter. It gets ESPECIALLY hot for Block B people coz for some
reason they all have red-hot pokers shoved up their asses.
Block A people tend to bid fairly conservatively and that way the market
structure is preserved, but we have Block B nutcases who bid EXTREMELY high and
spoil the market. For a course that would normally require say 25 max to get,
some nutcase would want to GUARANTEE he or she gets in and bid something like
35, and someone else would see that the highest bid was 35 and she'd try to
follow suit in case he or she gets shut out of the course....
But this time i have smartened up, and kept my ears open to the hot courses and
time slots, so i PURPOSELY pick the courses with less popularity yet have the
decent teachers and stored up some of my e-dollars for next term. :)
Ah i missed my bed and bolster here at home SO much for the past 2 weeks while
i was stuck in hostel trying to finish my damn projects. My friends say i have
too many dates coz i have dates with my bed all the time(and laundry too) and i
whisper sweet nothings to my bolster(and pillow in hostel if my bolster's not
available for the night). Ahh..... my bolster......

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Sunday, November 03, 2002

Boy, its crunch time! Project datelines looming around the corner, and final exams are hiding beyond the shadows ready to pounce on us. Yet at a time like this, we can still appreciate the little things in life.

Today was my 2nd cooking disaster. Be4 i detail it, let's look back and reflect on my first cooking disaster. My first cooking disaster once one out of complete ignorance, and its so stupid its hilarious. I let my luncheon meat heat in the microwave for NINE minutes and voila, CRISPY luncheon meat. I've never eaten luncheon meat with such misery.
Now for my 2nd disaster. My mum (for some reason) bought lasagne for me, and when i opened the box, all that was inside were the lasagne layers. Now WHAT do i do with them? I didn't have the ingredients eg meat, butter, cheese etc. So i improvised (it SEEMED like a good idea at that time *shrug* ) and put spaghetti sauce between the layers and left it in the microwave to cook. WAIT, be4 u say anything, it CLEARLY stated on the box to cook in a microwave for 30 mins, but from past experience i decided twenty minutes was enough. Nope, 10 mins was more than enough for the lasagne to be undercooked and the sauce to be burnt. I guess sticking with the usual rice with simple dishes and my good ol' instant noodles with extra ingredients works huh? :(
So much for all the best cooks in the world are men.

My friend Adriel never seems to learn. He spent S$100 on a single textbook previously, why? Because he left his first textbook on the roof of his car and happily drove off, leaving the book to fly off somewhere. He had to buy a second copy for the same price. A few nights ago i took his car, and i was on the passenger side of the car when we passed this guy waving insanely at our car. Adriel didn't see him and zoomed past him when i told Adriel that someone was calling out to our car. From the way he waved frantically i assumed the stranger's car was going to explode and he was calling for help. Adriel's car came to a screeching halt a distance away from the man, and the man ran all the way to Adriel's car. Adriel opened his window with apprehension, only for the man to completely ignore him and reach OVER his window to take his textbook. "You left your textbook on - " He never got the finish his sentence as he was drowned out by the laughter of me and Alicia who was also in the car.

Bought my dream wallet yesterday. Boy did i BLEED for the wallet. Its a black Billabong suede leather wallet that cost a freakin S$49.90. I had an eye for it ever since i first saw it months ago, and after it NOTHING was good enough. The wallet was perfect in every sense. It had 2 compartments for notes so i could seperate my ringgit from my dollars, it didn't have velcro that ripped ur ears out every time it opened, it had a coin compartment, and it had so many card slots i had a headache deciding how to arrange them. Its suede leather so its nice to touch, and its sleek, if only it wasn't S$50 i wouldn't have taken so long to come to a decision. But i didn't actually take that long to decide, i had come to a firm conclusion a while back, but when i made the trip down specially to get it, the damn shop was closed for renovation and would only open a week later. URGH boy was the wait to get it excruciating coz my old wallet was coming apart and after seeing my current wallet it looked twice as lousy :p

My girlfriend's eldest sister just gave birth to a new boy they've aptly named Ryan as its Irish for little king. Wouldn't be surprised if my girlfriend's nephew would turn out to be a spoilt brat :p Her 2nd sister currently finishing her final year in Aus is coming home soon, i wish her a safe journey and with lots of happy memories. Both the 3rd sis and my girlfriend are having their major exams now, both deciding where they will go to in life, one to university and the other to junior college. I wish them the all the best and i know they will do well.

My mei mei at St Andrew's must be having lotsa fun now, at the same time missing the food and friends back home. Hang on coz hols should be coming soon :)

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