Saturday, April 15, 2006

Well, for most people it was time to pop the champagne and start the festivities. Today heralded the last exam paper for their lives for a lot of people, there were people going wild in school, running from study room to study room sticking faces at the glass windows at the hapless souls inside still studying for upcoming papers on Monday or Tuesday, or worse, both.

Somehow i couldn't bring myself to share their zest.
Tried to do an independent study under a couple of professors as a way out of it, but they were either too busy or did not recommend my doing an independent study on that field due to my inexperience in it. I needed a General Education course in either Arts or Science, and considering i'm a business student i knew jack about either well enough to be doing an independent study, but the areas where i felt confident i could convince the professor of my capabilities, they weren't available to supervise me... sigh
So I'm stuck for another term, paying the full school fees for 1 effing course.

I'm starting an internship with Compass Energy on the 24th, so i probably won't get to enjoy too much of a breather. And ironically, since i'm hoping to impress them enough to be able to convince them to make me permanent staff, i can commit all throughout this summer internship, but at the "end" of the internship i have to go back to school again... so much for employability...

Well, at least my dad hasn't been showing much signs of pyroclastic eruptions after hearing my need to pay a full term's fees extra over what was originally expected to be a four year liability. I guess that makes me feel even worse, ironic isn't it? Its the situation where you wish he'd blow up and let me have a piece of his mind, but no, he's cool and quiet about it.

Life sometimes really can take the plunge huh?
Its like in the movies, when the protagnist loser gets caught in the rain without an umbrella after getting jilted by his girlfriend and his car got stolen.
He'd look up to the sky and ask "Could it get any worse?", and then it would start hailing.
"I had to ask."

Dr@n|xX at 6:26 PM