Sunday, February 01, 2009

HAHA i haven't updated my blog in so long it's a joke!

I'm honestly surprised it's still up and running at all.

2008's done and dusted. Was not too bad a year. Learnt alot in my job, and though i thought it was a pretty fulfilling year, i feel there's more for me to give, and more that i can succeed.

This will be my crucial year i feel. Will need to doubly push myself, as end of this year will be my real evaluation as to whether i qualify to be a full shipbroker and be part of the commission pool like the rest of my colleagues.

Have taken one of my friend's advice and written down my 2009 resolutions on paper, and made them quantifiable. Have bought a little cork-board memopad to put on my wall to put up my resolutions. Let's see how much I can accomplish.

Have signed up with the company plan at Fitness First, so will endeavour to exercise at least twice a week, hopefully once to swim and once at the machines. The plan is to exercise over lunch, meaning will need to force myself to get up early, have a good filling breakfast, get to work early and get started early so i can get as much done by lunchtime, work out, maybe takeaway a subway sandwich, then continue with work.
Exercise after work hours is kinda tough coz i tend to work late, so i usually am starving when i'm done with work, so exercising is fairly low down my list of priorities. That and the fact that i'm dead tired after a whole day's of work - especially if there's yelling, arguing, whining, plotting, scheming, and other nefarious duties a broker is expected to do. Ha.

Market's fairly quiet lately. Oil demand isn't particularly high at the moment, despite the low prices - in turn meaning there isn't much cargo to be moved around, so the freight market is also feeling a lot of downward pressure.
Consequently only the bigger accounts are generating any business, demoting me to a support role, as I don't have any concrete accounts on hand at the moment - so i'm not generating much income for the company as yet.

On another note, have given up the Blackberry Bold in place of the Nokia E71. Am quite pleased with it so far, other than the fact that it occasionally freezes up in the menu, and i need to restart the phone. Have not found a fix for that yet, even after updating the firmware in the phone.
Am also looking to offload my Samsung HT-Z210 Home Theatre System as well, especially since Jac had bought me a Razer/THX Mako for my X-mas/Pre-Valentines present.

Have also bought Tinkz a Nintendo DS Lite for Pre-Valentines, and also the Cats! tickets for Anniversary. Boy this is going to be an expensive year ha.

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