Sunday, July 28, 2002

Phew...back from my Godfather's b'day dinner in Muar(that's a small town in JB for u geographically shallow people ;p) and MAN, its good to be home. Missed my bed like SOOooOO much.... met up with the only 2 male cousins left in Malaysia, and we were like biding our time at the dinner, lying in wait for the right time to pounce out outta the dinner for a good time elsewhere.... i mean the dinner was nice, dunno HOW many courses that we were so thoroughly stuffed we refused to touch the b'day cake...... and the 3 of us were like waiting and waiting out of respect for erm lets see, for one of them its his uncle, for one of them its his father, and for me its my godpa, so yes, one of them's my godbro. Where were we? Oh yes, respect. Yeah, so we waited and waited, until finally the song was sung and the cake was cut, and we were -ZOOM-, out of the restaurant, only to find that the dinner WAS officially over, and that everyone else was also making their way home.... so even tho we were the first to the car, we passed the restaurant and suddenly we became caddies, coz a few people suddenly conveniently realised that they lived near my cousin's place, and assumed that we were going home so they wanted to take a lift.... *gumble mumble*...... but oh man, after that, it was PURE gaming man haha.... but be4 that there was a little incident on our way to the LAN cafe when my godbro and cousin both smoked, so they wanted to have a small puff be4 going to the cafe, so they winded down the windscreens and took five, but then my cousin, Bjorn, who was driving his dad's car, warned my godbro, Fabian that the window on his side was faulty, but his warning came too late, coz it was then only Fabian realised that the window won't come back up after going down, and there was so little of the window left jutting from the door for us to have a grip and pull it back up, so we were stumped, coz it was wasting MORE of our time, AND we couldn't park the car coz the car would have a window open.... so the guys after taking their steroids coming in the form of a little white tube u burn and put in ur mouth, somehow managed to yank the window back out, and forced it back up. They cursed the window a few times, then we proceeded to the cybercafe.... my godbro who i think doesn't have much of a pastoral life considering he spends most of his day asleep and the night out on the streets of KL or at the cybercafe, thrashed me and Bjorn quite badly at almost every game we played, CS, Jedi Knight, Warcraft III etc. Couple with the fact that the 2 VERY nice ladies attending the cafe were SWeeEEeeEEeeeEEt, we had to multi-task between having one eye on Fabian backstabbing us in Jedi Knight, at the same time having the other eye try to pick out the color scheme of VERY sexy clothes they were wearing from all that cigarette smoke and the dim lights.... my cousin who lived in Muar and hence was more familiar with the area, VERY quickly took his change after we were done playing and rushed out, me and Fabian being aliens in the area, took our time to enjoy the *ahem* scenary while it lasted since they were like up close, and furthermore Fabian later commented that it should've been brighter so at least he could get a better glimpse. But Bjorn then said on our drive back that those girls were so comfortable in a place like this with Ah Bengs and Ah Sengs frequenting it coz they were under the lacal dai lou(aka Big Brother or more commonly known as Drug Lord, Gangster Boss, Mr I-Am-Bigger-Than- George-W-Bush.... Capiche?) Which reminded me of what one of my frens once said about girls hitched up with Rugby guys of our skool, they were called "The Untouchables". "Don lay a finger on them unless u're VERY sure u won't miss that finger" quote unquote. Period. So yah, basically those girls were absolutely no-no's, EVEN IF they come knocking on ur door.... DAMN it, these dai lous are blardy lucky huh? Just like in the movies, they ALWAYS get the good shit.... Makes me wonder why there isn't any kid around with an ambition like "I want to work for the Yakuza" or "I want to head the Chinese Triads" since even in the movies, the Yakuza and Triads tend to win, and if this is the real world, even more so rite? If u disagree, think carefully. What do they NOT have? Girls, guns, drugs, money, photos all ready to blackmail and discredit wat's left of the police, politicians on their payroll, need i say more? THAT'S it, i'm gonna use my Degree in Biz Management to form my OWN Taliban. So who's with me? ;)

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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Today's gonna be a LONG one people, so get ur popcorn and sodas, coz i'm taking u for a ride. :)

Yep, back from OBS(FINALLY)... missed my bed SO MUCH, my pillow, my smelly bolster, my Gaucho, and most of all my air-con.... ahhhh..... well, OBS turned out ok, not too bad i guess, tho paying S$300 for it isn't my idea of fun haha :|

Day 1:
Got to skool, met only 4 other people i knew from AC, one being Ewan my klassmate tho she was in a different group, my ex-air-rifle girls captain Noelle, and Daphne and another girl i suddenly forgot her name, both of which i knew from Pre-U Seminar.... ALL of whom were in different groups :( so yep, stuck in a group where i knew NO one at all... at first was quite worried coz i was like the ONLY guy among 6 or 7 girls when we were lining up, then later one other guy popped up, quite quiet, so i didn't get to tok to him, and he disappeared when boarding the bus, got the facilitator VERY jumpy, then later popped up from nowhere with another guy that was supposed to be with our group too.....hmmmm.... and guess wat? the 2 of them happened to be AC people too, 2 years my senior of coz since i don have the "benefit" of NS :p no offense, but ha, SO typical of AC people.... they disappeared coz they were too "clickish" and stuck to their old pals, refusing to know more people, and didn't want to join the group... one of them, Alex, carried a fairly aloof stance most of the time, which i was quite used to, but then sometimes all of a sudden he would turn around and become like the nicest guy on earth(tho rarely), so haha, i suppose he IS an ok person i guess.... the other guy Rayner, also an AC guy, now THAT is an AC guy, 101% nice guy, typical AC laid-back attitude, pretty "on" about activities, yet at the same time a little shy when his services are called upon :) the girls are all fine, a nice mix if i might say so, some quiet, some proactive, but i might also add that none of them were particularly chio :( haha.... :p the last guy of the group, Adriel, boy, he's a good contender for blurrest sotong in the universe haha.... sheesh.... i've NEVER seen anyone more lost in the fog than him.... and if that's not bad enuf, he disappears quite often claiming he needed to go to the toilet, so earned himself the nick "toilet-man" from us, the more observant of us, or the people who hung around him more eg me, found out much earlier that most of his toilet trips were actually smoking breaks, so the poor fella got REALLY shitty when he couldn't get his regular dose of nicotine at times which i will touch on later haha, yes, later, so i've got PLENTY more to say :p
ice-breakers were fairly interesting... we were supposed to write our names on masking tape, and stick it on our shoulders. then we were supposed to pair up with one person, and tell each other about ourselves, then we were supposed to pair up with the person directly on our other side( so if i was paired up with my person to my left, then now i'd be paired up with the person on my right :> ), then we were supposed to switch name tags with the person we JUST tokked to, and pretend that we were them, and tell our new partner about "ourselves". after one more round, when name tags were at least 2 people away from the correct person, we would take turns to introduce "ourselves" to everyone haha..... that was pretty messy considering information that was propagated tended to leak away from person to person haha... :p lunch was silly too, coz our instructor asked us to for our first mouth, to feed the person to our right haha.... REALLY, all the other tables were looking at us and like holding back their laughter, coz even tho it was a REALLY stupid idea, but they perhaps felt it was a good way to build team spirit haha.... i guess... :p the food was err,no comment :p just our luck that be4 the group actually bonded, we straightaway had the expedition, so that was a nightmare..... i lost count, but i think we had 4-5 hours of rafting, half of it with the current against us.... getting on the raft was already hard enuf coz it was not easy to pull urself out of the water into the raft that was like already higher than ur head.... i got a few scratches on the way in, and was BLEEDING all over and i didn't even realise it, must've been the salt water, numbed me i guess.... until someone realised, "wah lao, u're bleeding!!!" did i realise my whole right leg was like red..... then later someone realised my oar handle was red too coz my thumb was bleeding when a small bit of skin tore off while i climbed into the raft haha..... 13 people in a raft with 8 rowers, it was INSANELY hard to co-ordinate our pedalling coz everyone was of different physical ability, and there was no particular leader, so we zig-zagged our way around the north western part of the island to our destination.... personally, the rafting wasn't exactly tiring, no it wasn't, i felt it was pretty easy actually, it was more mentally tiring coz it was so hard to co-ordinate, and the frustration sometimes that although everyone was pedalling, we were not moving even if there wasn't any predominant current, and most of all, coz we weren't exactly a team yet, so there wasn't much communication, so it got quite boring.... Adriel was the worst off i guess, coz no "toilet-break" for him for like 4-5 hours straight haha.... so every row for him was like a trip to hell and back, and he was evidently the most shack one quarter thru the trip.... he looked quite like Sadako by the time we reached our destination, hair all over the place, eyes a little bloodshot with the withdrawal effects starting to kick in haha.... poor fella.... he shouldn't have started smoking in the first place :p no bathing either coz the camp site was open air, just a clearing in the forest where we built our makeshift tents and cooked food over fire.... so our "bathing" was basically a dip in the freshwater quarry nearby.... now THAT was SHIOK after the LONG salty trip over the straits, and we didn't have to worry about how deep the quarry was coz we were all wearing life jackets, so sinking was not a consideration, tho swimming in it was quite restrictive :p the water SO cool, so refreshing, and the quarry dive where we jumped off into the water was like SO fun too :) after that, was cooking.... shit man.... that sucked...... the food was maggee mee, everyone had 2 packets, some shared coz they couldn't finish it, but the fact was that cooking TWO damn packets in a mass tin, tho conserving fuel, the mass tin was just not big enuf to contain enuf water to properly cook the mee, so we ended up eating instant noodles that was mostly aginamoto.... BLEEDIN salty man..... could've sworn it killed like a quarter of my taste buds that night.... after that, played a mind game called polar bear, interesting idea, tho very hard to play under dim light, so we couldn't see any guilt from those dark faces, and ended up guessing the wrong murderer half the time.... and since there were only 4 guys, we were sexually marginalized coz we were always the first to be eliminated.... ;( no fair, i want to complain! :p we decided to sleep in the open coz under the tent it was too humid... BIG mistake.... i was wearing shorts and short sleeves, so i was an immobile flashing neon sign saying "BITE ME!" at 3am, woke up SHIVERING, teeth chattering and all, groped around in the moonlight looking for a poncho i could use as a blanket, but everyone had taken theirs to use as pillows, and the girls were lucky enuf to have remembered to bring along half their wardrobe along, so they had a good supply of track pants to wear for the night... poor me, i had to even share my "blanket" with Alex, luckily both of us weren't big movers when sleeping, so we got along fine....

Day 2:
Woke up to find Sandfly bites ALL over me.... almost as if every hair follicle on my leg had a red bite to couple up with it....had a trek back to OBS, that one was ok i guess, didn't feel tired at all, even with the HEAVY bag packs, tho my shoulder hurt like hell coz the bag strap was too small for me and so i couldn't use the waist strap to keep the pressure off my shoulders.... got lost a few times, and that one was hilarious coz it really showed that the damn map was so damn unreliable considering it was 15 years old haha...... and Adriel? Not too bad lah, we realised he had this *ahem* charm, coz when we trekked past this temple, the temple actually had a refrigerator of drinks, and Adriel walked up to the monk there and asked if there was coke, and the monk said "Yes, $1.50" and Adriel said he didn't have any money which was true coz our wallets and phones were confiscated from the start of camp, but i'm not sure the monk knew that, so he actually GAVE a bottle to him for FREE.... haha.... our instructor obviously wasn't too happy haha.... later in the afternoon we had climbing, and THAT one was FUN..... everyone enjoyed it, coz at the beginning most of the girls looked at the daunting four storey vertical obsticle course, and said "ok, i'd be VERY happy to reach the end of the cargo net part"(which was like a fifth up the course), but in the end, everyone made it up to the TOP of at least one of the courses coz there were 2 for us to choose from.... so there was GREAT satisfaction in that aspect, not to mention ALOT of complains from the belayers haha.... belayers are the people at the bottom manning the safety ropes in case any of u are wondering.... so the belayers had to be hooked on to support u from the start till the end, so our instructor later brought up the fact that belayers were the backbones, coz they had to see u thru till the end, even if it took u all year to get to the top...i was "lucky" enuf to belay Rayner who took pretty long to get up to the top, but the worst was i had to belay for Adriel, who was SO freakin TALL that he only needed to take ONE DAMN STEP up and i had to work overtime to pull back the slack so that his safety rope would remain taut..... sheesh....*roll eyes and sticks out tongue* but as i said, everyone was VERY satisfied with this, and i think most of us put this as the most memorable activity later in our evaluation.... bathing was HEAVENLY coz we could take our OWN sweet time since there were only 4 guys HAHAHAHAHAHA..... the girls could be heard screaming at each other to hurry up heehee..... :p after dinner was the STANDARD "concert" at night, where in conjunction with studying in a business oriented skool, we were supposed to design a clothing line and come up with a plan to market it.... again, sexism came in and the girls overulled us by voting Rayner to be the model of the team.... we marketed a retro clothes line, so Rayner had to wear this silly looking top which the girls felt was very nice, and we made for him bell bottoms to match the theme, AND we made him do the a-gogo while i was narrating :) it was from this time onwards that something a little more than frenship started to blossom between Raynor and this girl from our group named MeiLing.... an ok looking girl from AJ, she and Raynor were partners for both vertical obsticle courses, and it started off as Meiling "saboh'ing" Rayner to be the model, then Meiling casually made Rayner look as absurd as possible with a pair of insanely ridiculous looking bell bottoms, then for the rest of the camp the 2 of them were always disturbing and teasing each other, tho it seemed as if that fun-fair ended with the last lunch of the camp.... everyone slept pretty early that night coz we had to wake up at 5 the next day :(

Day 3:
Some of the girls woke up complaining that we shouldn't have slept so early coz it was the last night after all haha.... oh well..... our sleep this time was SO nice that very few of us wanted to wake up at all.... even tho the bunk in OBS was by far inferior to our own rooms, it would do compared to sleeping in the open with rocks poking ur back... first activity was "find ur tree", so back to the forest, and we were given 2 trees a fair distance apart, and we were supposed to navigate our way from tree to tree, blindfolded.... it was hard enuf considering we had problems finding the tree WITHOUT the blindfold... but yeah, we somehow managed to find it on the second attempt after wandering all the way downhill into some VERY strange foliage on our first attempt ;| .... then was the raft escape, and that was another memorable one since this time we gave our best after a good tokking session after the finding the tree activity, raft escape was this game where everyone stood on 4 planks and 8 bricks arranged as a raft, and we were supposed to use it to move the whole group to another point given to us purely with the planks and bricks, without anyone touching the floor at any time, and none of the planks and bricks completely severed from the rest of us, meaning everyting(equipment and people) had to be connected at all times....i felt this was the best activity, coz the best was brought out in everyone, everyone communicated effectively, listening when necessary, giving ideas when needed, and everyone co-ordinated very very well, helping each other out all the time since everyone needed to hold onto each other to maintain balance on a dinky little plank and brick.... then the last event of the day was the mass jigsaw puzzle where ALL the goups would be involved... every group was given a jigsaw puzzle, and was suposed to complete it in the shortest possible time, but when everyone poured out the pieces, the catch was that most of the pieces weren't for ur puzzle, so u had to run around to other groups to salvage ur pieces, and complete ur puzzle as quickly as possible.... since it was a competition, it turned ugly, and our group was victim to the ugly side, and we were 3rd from last, coz there were some groups that hoarded pieces, others actually hiding pieces they didn't need.... so the instructors brought up its relevance to real life, in the corporate world and all... next we did the whole thing again, this time having the slow to set the pace, meaning this time we did it as SMU, not as a group, and the time we complete the puzzle is the time the last group completes their puzzle, and THIS one was good... everyone helped each other, everything was fairly organized, pieces were transfered to groups efficiently, groups that finished helped other groups without any qualms and everyone completed their puzzles in 5.25 mins, which would command 2nd place in the first competition where all the groups fought among each other...... a pretty memorable experience in all, and i'm happy to say that most of my group members would eventually be my klassmates.... and the good thing was that this was only the beginning, the only bittersweet part was that we had to say goodbye to our gracious instructor Wee Ling. All in all, i look forward to life in SMU. And if that's not good enuf, i think SMU's been pretty smart in doing things so far, and i think this camp has largely achieved its aim since its a "freshmen team-building camp", and the way it was held not only built spirit as a group, but as a whole too, and i think some of us would have no qualms in dying for the skool if need be....
I learnt and remembered quite a few quotes while i was at OBS and i think they are worth remembering and sharing :
"The worst thing about going thru an experience is not learning from it"
"Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?"
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
"Winners see a green among sand traps, Losers see sand traps in a green."
"A team that triumphs endless challenges are hailed as heroes,
But a team that triumphs the Test of Time are hailed as legends."

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Hmmmm went for a little shopping today with my mum.... looked around the clothes department and realised that actually there aren't many hip brands around.... i always end up buying Maui(which is SO yesteryear) or Body Glove.... no wait, as a matter of fact, i don really like Body Glove coz their shirts tend to be very beng'ish, and very body hugging which makes me sweat...... Gio is plain dumb, i spend so much money and i don even see a logo on the shirt, i can get a same shirt of same quality with the words GEO instead of GIO at the pasar malam evert tuesday for RM5..... and for THREE shirts some more.... well there ARE places like Factory Outlet Store, Reject shop and the ex-Export Shop(they all disappeared a few years back for some reason) which sell more respectable stuff at lower prices, but i realised one thing in common, their clothes are all STRANGE.... was at F.O.S today, and saw a few Quiksilver shirts(which is like WOW in JB coz finding stuff like that in JB is SO hard, which reminds me, i SHOULD go buy 4D then.... :p) but they were HUGE.... and written there was size M.... RITE.... wat an insult.... even King Kong would have quite some slack in that shirt... its like those kinds of shirts girls like to wear when they're at home where the shirt goes all the way down to like a one piece dress.... and not to mention the sleeves down to their wrist if they wore that Quiksilver shirt too.... :| i suppose u pay wat u get.... the quiksilver shirt cost only RM19.90... besides, it was plain ugly in my opinion haha..... :p there ARE stuff like BUM, Sub, Diesel, etc. but oh well.... sue me for being selective :p i guess its back to Nike..... :| i have like HOW many Nike T-shirts oredi? sigh.... haha..... sheesh..... if only clothes in Spore were cheaper too, but they never will be coz i always have a basis of comparison with JB.... hmmmm..... ladi da.....

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

HMPH..... BORING day man..... darn bloody hot too...... rained but still felt like i was sitting in a sauna...... other than knocking my head trying to figure out what the heck all that jargon from the letter SMU sent me with all the course stuff, bidding, err groups, courses yada yada yada.... yuck..... it feels strange, just like my fren put it, it ain't AC no more, no one telling u wat to do anymore haha..... :p but anyway, here's a good oxymoron i read today, wanna share it with u :)

If you don't want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so that you don't have to work.
Ogden Nash

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Ho ho....wat a day.....devoted like almost half the entire day to finishing up this Gameboy Advance game i've been playing for the past few months. Tactics Ogre : Knight of Lodis IS an excellent game in case any of the people reading this happen to own a GBA or are intending to get a GBA BECOZ of this game :) Phew...spent a total of about 65hrs on the game, as logged by the game case any of u are absolutely stumped on wat Tactics Ogre is, its bascially an RPG, a role-playing game where u take on the role of the lead character in the game, Alphonse, he being an imperial soldier sent to this island to put down an uprising, only to find out that he was sent there with a different agenda altogether(DUH)... Its basically a turn-based strategy game where u control a troop of 8 units whenever there's a battle, and u fight it out, moving ur units during ur turn, then the enemy moves his units during his turn yada yada :) the fun part is the units of coz, so many different units at ur disposal, lowly soldiers, the jack-of-all-trades but good at none, to Angel Knights that've died valiantly in battle & were resurrected to continue to serve God by aiding you. :) i started playing the final area like at abt 11+am, then only finally finished at abt 4+pm haha....the final boss was SUPER hard man......normal units can only move once per turn, meaning after a unit moves, attacks or does anything, he can't move again within that same turn until the enemy finishes his turn and its back to ur turn can he move again. BUT the DAMN boss can move THREE damn times in one turn, tok abt unfair man.....he's SO strong u hardly deal enuf damage to make him break sweat, PLUS he has territorial advantage such that only 2 people can attack him at one time, so no ganging up :(, not to mention HIS attacks deal damage not only to ONE of ur units but ALL of ur units AT THE SAME TIME, and a HECK lot of damage too... my poor clerics and priests were SERIOUSLY working overtime to keep their comrades alive, not to mention themselves.... :| and haha, quite an anti-climax for an ending if u ask me haha, coz for one thing, i didn't totally get the ending of the story, but from wat i can discern, it seems that our protagonist dies in the end, leaving his love interest half in sorrow and half in anger coz he DID promise her the 2 of them would leave together once it was all over... no don worry, it wasn't a spoiler, coz another interesting thing abt the game is that it has multiple-endings, based on wat u did and ur decisions throughout the game, so hmm.... looks like i'll have to think back on wat i did or said to make me die in the end haha.... :| but i really pitied the poor girl lor :( ok fine, i DIDN'T do it on purpose lah, i didn't mean to cause her boifren to die in the end and leave her all alone :( OK lah, i'll play again and make sure she's happy this time, HAPPY? :p

Fell asleep after that LONG gaming session, and its strange, i ALWAYS have nightmares in the afternoon, or should i say daymares.... :| maybe that little prayer be4 i go to sleep at night DOES help :) coz i don remember any nightmares at all, but i remember PLENTY from the afternoons :| today's one was in conjunction with OBS in a few days time... :( reached the meeting point in skool on time, but i was the only one....(EEEEEeeeeeeee), the buses left for Punggol with only ME on board(OF COZ there's a driver lah, otherwise i'd have woken up by then :p), but the freakiest part was that even tho i was the only one heading for OBS, ALL the other buses tagged along, EMPTY.... reached OBS, THANK GOD there were people there, but NO THANK U that there were only TWO people apart from me.... oh but these 2 people were permanently around, wat did that mean? I'll come to that in a while.... heh heh... so yeah, chatted a bit with the 2, the girl reminded me of one of my ex-colleagues back at Dan Ryan's but the guy was completely new(in a sense).... heard a lot of noise, so went to check out, turns out the rest of the fashionably late campers FINALLY arrived(YAY), the teacher that tagged along with the campers told me to go to the office to tell them that they've arrived, went to the office, EMPTY, no papers, no desks, no PEOPLE, but lights on, fans on, radio on(don ask me why, heck i vaguely remember the radio was playing that DAMN eerie sounding Deftones - Change song.....) for some reason i was STILL sleeping and the dream continued(DANG), and went back to tell the teacher that couldn't find anyone, and surprise surprise, NO ONE around, then the 2 other people stroll in, i ask them if they saw a big bunch of people come in, they say they never heard or saw anything....*WHY AM I STILL SLEEPING?! @#$%^&* starts to rain, for some inexplicable reason we decide to sit in the rain, and my shirt gets wet, starts to stick onto me, and the girl realises that i've got very broad shoulders(I DO?!?!), and says i've got nice pectorals(NO really, i didn't make this part up, but NO I DO NOT have nice pecs, otherwise i'd be PROUD to wear tight fitting clothes more often....) but then comments on my belly :( the guy guffaws suddenly, rips his shirt off to show that he's my exact opposite, scrawny shoulders, but BEAUTIFUL six pack, continues laughing madly and runs off into the rain, leaving me and the girl dumb-founded... here onwards it gets hazy coz my mum and sis come back making lots of noise, but somehow the dream seemed to like pause then play again, coz the next thing i vaguely remember in my dream was finding the girl tied on her feet dangling upside down from a chin-up bar, arms hanging down from her shoulders limply, swaying with the torrentous wind and rain, didn't even bother to find out if she was alive, just RAN, and u noe how these damn things are, u run and u trip and fall down into some deep ditch, next u jump out of bed with a red-hot poker shoved up ur ass telling you welcome back to the paradise we call reality.............. eeeeeeee....

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Saturday, July 13, 2002

Went to watch Minority Report with my girl today :) pretty good show, tho the removing of the eye part was eeeeee..... :| i bought a pair of khakis at Gio, and it suddenly dawned onto me that it seems like a market trend these days for branded goods to want to make their logos AS SMALL as possible.... as if they're ashamed to display it.... a WHOLE t-shirt which i'm spending like RM40 on could just have a simple dinky little Nike tick on it...... same thing for the Gio khakis i bought..... small little logo on the side of the pocket.... and i paid like err RM89 for it? I mean fine, Gio stuff are comfortable coz the material's very breathable and all, but for RM89, at least let people know its Gio and not some pasar malam shit i bought for RM0.50...... same thing for my Swatch.... spent S$195 on it and all i can see is a SMALL LITTLE "Swatch" logo somewhere on the clock face, cluttered up with all the other markings on the watch..... not that i'm showy or anything, but at least let it be distinct so that on one look people will know its genuine shit, since i was gracious enuf to actually buy YOUR products and not some cheapo pirated shit in some back-alley....sheesh....

Take hold now, because the future does not know you, but the past does not forget.

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Friday, July 12, 2002

Not much done today really.... wasted most of the day to sleeping haha :( and when i woke up to go for an exercise, somehow my heavy body just coaxed me out of jogging...... :( my mum's like all ready for my eventual moving to hostel even tho they have yet to confirm whether i got a room or not.... she's gotten a bottle ready so that i can keep it in my room to drink anytime i'm thirsty instead of going down to the kitchen to get water.... she's prepared an old ice-cream box to store some tidbits and biscuits for me to munch on whenever my mouth is itchy..... personally i'd much rather just have a bottle of Pringles handy however unhealthy it might be :p cleared up a little of my room too..... my room's already neat to start with ( no i'm not lying ) but since i might be moving out soon, no harm keeping it squeeky clean :) had a LONG chat yesterday over ICQ, and one of my conversations happen to go to the topic of achieving flawlessness, so today's quote will be in line with it :)
Oh and thanx Charmane for pointing out this VERY FUNNY weblog, check it out and read the wednesday 10th July entry :)

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.
George Orwell

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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Sob sob..... so many of my frens all "going away" liao :( NTU frens will be starting skool on Mon..... then NUS frens esp foreigners moving into hostel oredi..... and me? still stoning away at home.... :| how i EVER became so unfit still amazes me...... my spending woes don't end here either..... coz i'm going away, and i'm most likely bringing my Gameboy Advance with me, my mum bought ANOTHER game boy advance for my FIVE-YEAR-OLD SISTER!!!!! And guess wat, she wants(as in FORCEFULLY wants) me to chip in...... so yeah, there goes some more money...... sigh..... and i tot i could save up so that at least i could enjoy a respectable lifestyle in Uni.... :| well, i had better SERIOUSLY watch my spending these days, at the worst find a job while i'm in Uni.... frens are recommending tuition, i wouldn't mind, but i don mind going back to Dan Ryan's to work part-time either :) not sure if my mum would agree coz she wants me to fully concentrate on studying.... ooh i hope i can get BIG ang pows at my Godfather's b'day bash on the Sat after next so that at least i can "earn" a little back.....heehee.....damn i'm sounding like a miser now.... :| and my mum moved my piano klasses from tuesdays to saturdays, so that i can come back and continue my lessons thru uni..... sheesh...... so much for rest over the weekend.... and DAMN, if there's one thing i'm gonna miss while i'm in hostel, its my BED..... boohoo... i love my bed.... so soft, so comfortable, ooh and my fav comforter.... my smelly bolster( the kind where when u get a whiff of it u just want to sleep some more :> ), my Gaucho.........(no wait, should i bring Gaucho to the hostel? hmmmm.........) ooh and most importantly my AIR-CON.... sob sob.... *pout* ..... heck, and i haven't even MOVED yet...... heck, the people haven't even confirmed if i got the room onot..... sheesh...... :|

I wonder how the SMU hostel is like haha...... praying i get a good room-mate aside, i seriously wonder how different it'd be from "real" hostels since SMU's are more like chalets than anything haha.... and ooh, i roughly glanced thru the rules for SMU's hostel aka College Green.... it says there that "An occupant may not entertain a visitor of opposite sex behind closed doors." hmmmmmmm............................ ;) so open door can lah? :) and if that's the case, it makes u wonder if the people would actually allocate boys and girls in one chalet, but obviously 2 people of the same sex as room mates( DUH ;p ) :) haha... now that'd be interesting heehee..... no no no, don get me wrong, i have NO intention of converting the girls into maids or cooks, NOR do i have anything more perverse in store unlike SOMEONE i know who's SOooOOOO happy that Temasek Hall has boys and girls in the same block ;D heehee... *BIG smile* now i WONDER who could that be? hmmm.... :p and oh man, there'd be SO many things i'd have to learn if i stay hostel...... have to refresh my memomry on how to iron a shirt properly after like a 4 month hiatus from wearing formal
shirts and hence no necessity to iron clothes.... ha.... have to learn how to operate a washing machine properly too, and how to differentiate the clothes, stuff the shirt tabs always ramble about like not mixing coloured clothes and stuff, washing with cold water, or hot water at that, how to COOK, and EDIBLE food at that.... *how to mums SURVIVE? bleahz* .... oh, and i'd have to be EXTRA careful with my stuff too..... have to keep my money properly, no more dumping my cash on the table anymore, no more leaving my valuables around either.... my laptop would be a hassle too since i'd have to bring it WHEREVER i go, or in instances like taking baths i'd have to find a place to lock it in...... not that i don trust my mateys, but safety first, i've lost valuable stuff very dear to me be4, so NO MORE, no cheap, gutless, underhanded, devious, unrighteous, treacherous, corrupt, malicious, thieving, opportunistic imbecile lacking morals and faith in God will profit off me, not anymore, at least i'll do as much as i can to see to it! *bangs the table with his fist* i won't say i've never stolen be4, i have, but i've never stolen anything valuable to someone, and even these small little worthless things make me guilty enuf, so i have no idea how thieves, burglars, murderers and everything that came out of Pandora's Box live knowing what they've done and that almighty God would come down HARD on them one day, if not in this Life then the next.... ok ok, enuf of that, otherwise i'll start pouring everything out, then instead of a Cesspit of Delirious Rambling, it'll become a Punching Bag of Personal Woes...... yah yah, i go vent my frustrations on FIFA 2002 haha :p

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

TIRED sia.... went to SMU in the morning to hand in my OBS and hostel forms.... then went for the stupid medical check-up..... yucks...... could've sworn the doctor took MORE than necessary of my precious blood..... lucky i looked away, otherwise i'd probably hyper-ventilate haha....... he probably made use of the chance that i looked away to secretly take more blood so he can sell it on the black market or something haha :| conspiracy theories heehee.... ;) Hope my hostel app is approved, coz tho they DO say that foreign first year students get priority, u noe lah...... and i DO hope my dad agrees to the model of notebook i like, MAN, the notebook prices given by SMU are SWEET, shit man, hope my dad agrees to it coz the model i'm picking HAPPENS to be the most expensive model HEEHEE :) i'm getting quite sick of this com, so a refreshing change would be good haha :) well, i can only wait :| yah, so tired today, all that walking around orchard coz went to clinic, then the docs were out to lunch, so i walked to eat, then walked back, then after the check-up, they asked me to go to another place for X-ray, yah, so walked all over the place, under hot sun some more bleah... met up with frens after that but decided not to catch Minority Report coz i might miss the last bus in JB, so didn't want to risk it..... yah, cut this short, really tired, must be becoz i lost too much blood to the money-faced doctor today haha :| my right arm feels funny today too..... haha...... :|
Yet another un-copyrighted quote ;)

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is its twin brother.
Kahlil Gibran

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Yippee! Got my matriculation package today!!! :) so much stuff to fill up, and ouch, gotta rush some of the forms too coz some of the closing dates are like TOO close for comfort... then now that the matric package arrived, got LOTSA questions in my head too, and since i'm like the ONLY foreign SMU student i know, its quite irritating coz i've got no one else to consult. I've got foreign NUS frens, but they've got quite a lot of differences, for example they only make their student passes AFTER they matriculate, but i've gotta get my student pass BEFORE my camp even starts, and that's like 22nd July(YAY!so exciting.... ;p) so gotta ask them that too, and as all forms are, some of the forms are just downright technical that commoners like me cannot POSSIBLY understand.... WHY they make forms like that i haven't the SLIGHTEST idea..... then there's the hostel applications ( i PRAY there are still available units.... and cheaper ones at that :| ) oh, did i mention the medical check-up i DREAD, i HATE needles, and i'm not ashamed to say this, but i've somehow got a mild phobia of blood... seeing it in movies sometimes makes me cringe, but seeing it in real life in large quantities.... oh man, i dunno how i'd react.... so yah, i have this morbid loathing to go to Heeren for the damn check-up which i have to pay 38 bucks for that idiot of a doctor to poke needles in me, not my idea of fun at all..... :| so yah, will cut this short, gotta go MOE website and apply for the tuition grant to lighten my dad's load, then gotta finish up the forms and decide which ones i should amd CAN hand in tomolo, then also gotta confirm with bert if i'm going out with him after that haha :P
Oh, and i copy from Albert, end off with a quote :p

Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is by far the best ending for one.
Oscar Wilde

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Monday, July 08, 2002

Ouch, 2nd workout today, pushed myself harder, i think there's some improvement :) yesterday, be4 i was halfway thru the SHORTER-THAN-NORMAL track i was panting like i just did 36hrs of *ahem* (use ur imagination :p) straight.... but today i jogged 3/4 quarters be4 deciding not to push my muscles, i think i could've gone further, but i didn't want to find out otherwise i might have to walk on 3 feet instead of 2 (crutches, in case some of u are brain dead tired by the time u read this haha)
Oh, went online to bone up my virtually non-existant knowledge of the different food groups, so that i know which foods help to keep me healthy :p as a matter of fact, i visited ;) fun site :p so now i know which foods to eat immediately after working out so that i don get up the next morning feeling like my enemy stuck pins and needles into my mojo doll.... well, i noe know wat SOLID foods to eat haha.... liquids, even if i knew, i doubt i'd follow..... i cannot understand wat could possibly be so nutritious about a liquid completely transparent with no effervescence.... i mean Coke ROCKS, Ribena ROCKS, Yeo's Chrysantemum tea ROCKS, Yeo's Soya Bean Milk ROCKS, water stones.... sheesh haha :p
hopefully i can keep up this exercise program, so that i'd be ready for OBS :)
i miss Haagen-Daz...... :( if i hadn't spent so much i'd probably eat it one of these days... :| boohoo..... ;(

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Sunday, July 07, 2002

YEAH! My first proper workout since.... since.... since.... err.... 2 months? :| sheesh.... luckily i didn't want to push myself too hard, otherwise i'd probably die jogging halfway... so i've gotta consistently keep my exercises up so that i can slowly build myself back up to at least 70% of my peak fitness back in my sec skool days :| *nostalgia* i'm SO unfit i'm even ashamed of myself haha..... man....
And oh, did my finances today.... MAJOR ouch.... didn't know i spent SOOoOOOooOOooOOOooO much over the past month.... seemed like a little at a time, then it added up to quite a bit.... yikes.... this is bad.... bad enuf for me to even turn Bert down for tomolo's outing coz i REALLY cannot afford to spend anymore if i want to enjoy a respectable standard of living in Uni..... and the bad part's that actually most of it is not on my girlfren.... its fine if its for my girl, but the bad part is that about half of that part not for my girlfren was on ME.... now WHEN did i get so vain? hmmmm..... meditate on this i must.... :p sheesh..... my godfather's b'day's on the 27th.... hopefully i'll get a little bit of ang paos here and there to earn back a little of my expenditure sheesh.... either that or i stick up a bank nearby.... i'm sure the ah-pek-for-a-security guard there couldn't tell the difference between a service revolver for a water gun..... :| then again....
well watever it is, hopefully can drag my dad to a shopping centre one of these weekends and get HIM to pay for my clothes, so that at least i could save a little on that heehee dang, i'm beginning to sound like a girl.... NOooOOOooOOOooOOOooOOOooo.... or better still, maybe i should start using my free time to come up with some elaborate plan to con some cash outta my dad HAH HAH *evil snigger* oh i could just ask him for cash..... dang, tough choice....

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Saturday, July 06, 2002

This is for yesterday's blog, server was down, so couldn't update.... just came back from day out with my girl, so quite tired haha, esp all that travelling :|

Shoot.... wanted to work out today, sigh, procrastinated again :( *looks down at that blob of fat at wat used to be his abdominal muscles* must MAKE myself start working from Sun onwards.... otherwise i may not survive the OBS Camp SMU has in store for me :|
Wow.... learnt quite a few new stuff today heehee.... took bath for my sister for the first time..... felt quite farnee.... strange actually.... my sister was actually the one telling wat to do all the while and i was following her haha.... WHY did my mum have to have a phone call at that time?!?! :( hey, i'm a UNIVERSITY student k, i don do such trivial jobs HEEHEE *ego* bleahz.... :p sheesh, becoz of her i got my pants wet too, splish splashing around in the small little kiddy tub, lucky my phone wasn't in my pocket, otherwise i CRY man.... then just now my sis went for a concert rehearsal, coz in conjunction with "Her World" Magazine's roadshow, my sis' ballet skool offered to hold their concert there, so they had a rehearsal just now for Sat and Sun's show..... my sis was the youngest among the dancers for her program, coz the rest of the dancers for that program were at least 6 years old, and she was only 5, so my mum was quietly BEAMING with pride as she stood RITE in front of the stage watching my sis strut her stuff.... but when people commended her that her daughter being so young and stuff and still be able to perform with people older than her, she shrinks back to her "humble" self and says "no lah, she's lucky lah yada yada yada" my dad kept on teasing my sis that she was the shortest among the dancers too haha..... to be honest, my sis is a total BRAT, pampered and spoilt by my parents, but she's still my sis no matter how much she pisses me off all the time, i keep telling my mum she better live till 100 coz i sure as hell don want to single-handedly raise her.... she'll drive me up the wall..... Su keeps taunting me that i actually blush when she teases me that i love my sis... NO i DO NOT blush..... NO, read my lips, N - O - NO, i D O N O T blush..... ah watever....

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Friday, July 05, 2002

Haha.... boring day..... played like my life away haha...... stopped playing Diablo II for about a month oredi, then to just play for fun this afternoon, ended up having a 4+hour session until my eyes almost bled sheesh.... :p then came to play Championship Manager after dinner, and that was a 3+hour session..... phew..... wat a day man haha...... chatted with a fren who oredi got into SMU long ago over sms, and learnt some new stuff.... and it only made me MORE anxious for the silly package from SMU to arrive :| its strange, this is i think only my 2nd big package i'm receiving by mail :) my first was my 17th B'day prezzie, from a good ol fren(A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU CELINE IF U'RE READING THIS!!!!! :> ), and i tore open the package like a 5 year-old kid with his very first Christmas present... haha... i have a premonition i'd be acting exactly the same when SMU's matric package comes..... heehee.... kinda of reminds me of my silly childhood days hahaha..... i remember my first pair of Reeboks, we were still not very well-to-do at that time as my dad was only a sales executive at that time, and having a pair of Reeboks was really a luxury, so my mum INSISTED that it HAD to be for Chinese New Year, so i had to keep it in cold storage for a few months be4 unveiling it on the 1st of the Lunar new year.... sheesh... so i begged my mum to let me wear it immediately after we bought it, and only for one day, and guess wat? I wore it at home, walked all over INSIDE the house in my new shoes, and i can't remember this part, but my mum loves to tell other people that i actually slept with my shoes on..... :| i sincerely hope she's lying.... geez.... :) haha....... sometimes makes u really wanna go to never-neverland huh? where kids stay kids, and wishes do come true haha :) Well, one thing's for sure, i'm one step on the yellow brick road to never-neverland, coz i made it into SMU for a start, so that's one wish come true :) My girlfren's EXTRA happy coz then i wouldn't be anywhere particularly out of reach quote unquote ;) haha Hello again happy days :)

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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Woah..... wat a wasted day haha.... well sort of... went to SMU in the morning to submit my acceptance form, then had to go down to Lavendar SIR to make my student pass..... sheesh... apparently SMU is still considered private even tho its gov-aided, so they have to keep my passport THEN only can process in 4 days, but i HAD to go home, so i DEFINITELY needed my passport back, so they then said that in THAT case, mine would take about 2-3 weeks..... sheesh..... well, watever it is, they BETTER make it, and they better contact SMU so that they can contact me, and they better finish it in time for the SMU camps, coz i sure as hell don wanna miss them..... :| oh, then after that, the fun only just "begun"..... went down to Orchard to meet Su and Mars, great, met them, then left them coz they went swimming, and i stone around in Orchard for like 3+hours, when they were finally done with swimming, initially the idea was to go watch a movie, something like Dark Waters(oooh), but great, they suddenly tot it was crap, and decided NOT to watch a movie, and we just stoned at the KFC for half an hour, then they went down to Mango and i waited outside like a doorboy coz i felt odd inside.... :| oh, then they wanted to go home coz they were tired after swimming..... which they did,so sorry,some outing it turned out to be probably coz i was brain dead after all that waiting too :(, but Su being my fren for quite a while, felt a little bad for making me stay, so she hung around for a while more(if u're reading this Su, thanx, but its alright, i mean i offered to stay, u didn't make me stay :> ), then walked around and found out that actually there were quite a few places i could get nice clothes to prepare for Uni(sorry lah, i quite suaku coz Spore not my territory lah) :) then came back on my own, which is ALWAYS the BEST part..... :(... stupid bus, NEVER on time, waited for an hour for it to come.... phone rung but becoz my vibration screwed up, and i had my headphones on, i didn't hear my girl call, called her back, but stupid old bus so noisy, couldn't really hear my girl, plus she didn't have too good a day.... so great..... sigh..... wat a day..... :|

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Hmm... not much happened today... i've come to learn that its not good to bum around too much.... it seems as the more we slack, the more tired we feel, and that's not good.... i can take like 3 to 4 naps a day(yes, i AM born in the year of a pig, so sue me) yet i can still feel sleepy throughout the day.... :| been procrastinating too much too haha... supposed to fill up the Application for Student Visa form and the acceptance form from SMU so that i can hand it up tomolo when i go to Spore, haha, its still like half-filled :( ok ok, i'll do it tomolo morning (now WHERE have i heard THAT line be4?) i mean i HAVE to... i've gotta hand it up and all..... haha.... my mum's oredi starting "announcing" to people that i've got into SMU.... sheesh.... and she keeps playing down SMU too :( "oh smu ah? ok lah, govt assisted lah, new one lah, not as long history as NUS lor..." give me a break will ya? it's not as if i no choice have to go SMU rite? i WANTED to go to SMU from the start... yeah yeah, its new, its small, so don have that "university" feel, do i look like i CARE? i've always been the course rather than the skool person..... even back in JC, people would sell their souls to go to skools like Hwachong and RJ, and they don care if they have to take a stream that's not suitable for them, just as long as they can tell people they're in that prestigious skool... i'd rather go to a skool where i CAN take a course i want, and the skool of course shouldn't be TOO low down the list, but respectable, and i can still hold my head up to tell people i'm studying there..... sigh.... at least my dad's keeping quiet.... hey, he's by no means supportive, just that he's keeping his hands clean.... if u noe wat i mean.... its like my mum has this must-satisfy list for an instituition to be considered a university..... must be too big for a sane person to want to walk from one end to the other, must have a dedicated bus service servicing it, must have a cohort where u CANNOT possibly know even one quarter of them yada yada yada..... i envy people whose parents don set that many rules for them.... but then again i'm who i am now becoz of these rules... not that i have low self-esteem, but i wish i were someone else haha.... :| gee, watever..... i'm not making sense.... ok ok, i better stop be4 i start reviving that "anit-establishment" side of myself again haha......

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Monday, July 01, 2002

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got into my dream SMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man i'm SO happy!!!!!!!!!! What a way to end off a GREAT weekend!!!!!!! :) Knew that i was accepted into SMU thru email last night, then the letter came today, but at first i got a shock..... coz from wat i heard from NUS frens, if the letter's thick and bulky, then its good news from NUS, otherwise, cry.... so in SMU's case, the letter was a little thicker than usual, but otherwise still considered a small letter, so heart fell to my feet for a moment, then voraciously tore open the envelope and HENG ah, u know the "Congratulations..." routine..... phew ;)....... i was expecting a handbook of sorts detailing the procedures and stuff.... but i guess they'll only give that to me after i confirm my acceptance..... coz they better NOT leave me out of the team-building OBS camp.... fine, i'm unfit so i'd probably humiliate myself there, but heck, i've waited for this for SO long, its the LEAST they could do heehee ;p haha, but now i've got new headaches :p First and foremost is accomodation.... NO more travelling to and fro everyday..... so gotta find a place that's private and convenient yet not too steep in price..... Hostel's sucky coz gotta share with 5 other people, not to mention the logistical nightmare of finding a fair way of splitting up the utilities and phone bills..... and S$300 for that, excluding food and laundry..... :| gotta keep my eyes and ears open now..... 2nd's the laptop, haha, i wouldn't consider that a headache lah haha, coz i look forward to finding a substitute for this chunky old dinosaur i'm using to type this entry now...... ;) and u noe for guys lah, very picky for the specifications and stuff, so finding the right compromise between specs and price, and in this case and additional weight factor, tends to be exhausting.... :| but all in all, i'm am VERY grateful to God for bestowing this opportunity on me :) SMU SMU here i come :)

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