Monday, November 17, 2003

Well this is the last time i'll be posting for this week, considering the fact that its my study break and i'm supposed to be studying, and the week after that is my exams. *gulp* thankfully i only have 3 papers, and they're all pretty spread out, but that doesn't give me much room to get cocky now does it? BUT as luck would have it, it would seem as my mind always makes a choice it well knows the consequences of (Matrix-esque? Perhaps), and that would be the fact that it somehow prefers to not be in the mood to study whenever i have a need of it to. Hum hum... so there.

The apartment's chugging along, still intact at least. Considering my last post, i suspect i might've lost one reader, this is a test of whether he is still going to read my blog (be it on the recommendation of one of my housemates, or a choice he made himself) or that he's never going to even type "verbalsewage" ever in his lifetime. He was well aware how air-conditioning killed me when i was living alone and the rest of them were still in India enjoying authentic indian food (or so Shivram says coz he never really eats well here), considering i had to fork out 100+ for one month's utilities ALONE. Yet he somehow requires external cooling of his body other than a fan, almost always at number 3, and almost always on (if not for himself, its to keep his laptop cool apparently, which is of coz as expected, almost always on too) No, but this is not a problem isolated to him don't worry, my whole house has this disease. If undi's complaining of his WHAT'th baths a day's not bad enough, his cribbin of air-conditioning usage is. Karthik read a piece of news somewhere that some Vietnamese or Chinese woman locked her husband in the bathroom becoz he was taking like 5 baths a day and applied it to this case, boy we had a good laugh. But nope, today my motive's not to criticize, or as he would call it, "crib" about my housemates and DO MY JOB. Alrightey then.

I'd love to comment on our lovely guests then. No wait, guests is the absolute wrong word to use. Guests are people we treat with hospitality, in certain dictionaries, the word "respectfully" is included as well. But the Collin's dictionary if i'm not wrong, also adds that "respect for the host" is implied. I think the next dictionary i'm going to get is definitely a Collin's. These so-called GUESTS, LET themselves into our apartment as and when they like, leave as and when they like. Fine, my housemates never lock the door anyway. They come and do watever they like, piss, crap, sleep u name it, and leave it the way it is. I dare say half the crud all over the place is theirs. I saw with my OWN eyes an instance when i came back from MacDonald's with one of them with one of my housemates, our "guest" had finished a sundae and left it on the hall table. That's alright, we'll just pick it up and throw it when we clean up the house (well that may be three thousand years later, but yeah, we'll throw it, no problemo dude), then as fate would have it, somehow it would tip over, and fall off the table. But since it was a finished sundae and (thank GOD) there was nothing left, nothing spilled, so apparently its ok then to let the sundae make a temporary residence on the floor. Ok....... the cup was too far for me to reach, and i was not about to get up from my end, walk all the way to the other end over their extended legs to pick it up, walk to the kitchen and throw it, coz even if i bothered to, my housemate would be like "DOOOOooOOOODE......." (for the uninitiated, it is a prolonged "DUDE" and probably means something along the line of "Chill dude, u don't have to be so uptight and clean"). Still tolerable, but no, when our guest stood up to leave, the very same sundae cup was kicked on the guest's way out, and the cup rolled to our shoe rack, and THIS TIME gravity decided it was time to flex its muscles and make a stand for its pitiful and taken-for-granted existence and ensure that THIS time, watever was left of the molten sundae spills out. When i actually saw that the cup was spilled and called on Undi to admire the ingenuity of our guest and the miraculous event of the molten sundae spilling out and making what looks like a deformed butterfly on the floor, i thank Undi for instinctively and instantly hunting the suddenly elusive toilet paper to clean it up. If only u'd exercise the same intuition for the state of your room. No, don't give me the "I'm the anti-thesis of my anal-retentive mum" bullshit, there is a very fine line between being sloppy and plain disgusting, and you're pushing the envelope addressed to "The Feculent Awards" dude. Back to our guests, on the occasion that i DO lock the door, our guests BANG on our f**king door demanding entry, and when i graciously decide that perhaps you DO have something important to inform my housemates and i open the door, i don't get a "YO!!!!!! U HAVEN'T CHANGED ONE BIT SINCE KINDERGARTEN MAN!!!!!!" nor even a "Oh shit, sorry, wrong house, the ba**ard who owes me money lives next door, sorry about the banging man...". Nope. They stare me in the eye cursing me silently me for "Why the f**k was the door locked??!?!" but mouth out "Where's ********?!" (fill in the stars with the appropriate name). Ok fine, granted, we removed our doorbell (coz that @#$%& thing refuses to STOP ringing) so there's no way of informing us of your presence at the door, and since its a solid door u have to use greater force to make yourself heard. Of coz, there IS a select few who very graciously knock at the correct decibel, and i must thank you for your courtesy, because it certainly is not fair for the f'ed up majority to tarnish your reputation. Oh oh, wait till i get to their using our internet. We started off SO uptight about other people leeching our internet, worried about some neighbours upstairs who apparently can hook onto our signal and use our internet without paying a single cent and supposedly without our knowledge until my next door neighbour found out that they somehow are able to surf net even though she was SURE they never signed up for any form of internet plan. We named our SSID one of the most screwed up names ever so that no self-respecting idiot with too much free time on his/her hands could EVER guess the name. Karthik even went out of the way to scrutinize the manual for a way to finally ensure those thieving assholes upstairs NEVER even sniff a drop of our broadband. At the moment one other person i believe is able to use her laptop to access our internet freely, and since she's in some huge conspiracy my housemates cooked up to pull off one of the biggest practical jokes in Serene House history, very well, she can keep it. But my other neighbour who doesn't have broadband, comes over to our place, and demands the use of Shivram's laptop. If Shivram even throws a sideways glance signaling a possibility of rejection, OOH whine whine whine whine whine whine whine. Shivram would ultimately give in with the usual "Ok, but only half an hour, i have a report due" or something like that. Heck, she knows something would happen causing our housemates to be pre-occupied, be it FIFA2003/04, Lord of the Rings, a movie on tv, a group hang-out at Adam for some Ginger Tea etc. and she'll use it for longer than the stated time anyway. That's fine, what REALLY gets to me is that she complains that our internet is
SLOW. F***? U're using it for free at the expense of Shivram, and u're CRIBBING that our internet is SLOW!?!?!?!?!? If only u had the COURTESY to take off your freaking slippers everytime u enter our house MAYBE i'd let this slip. Don't give me that "My slippers are clean" BS, i've gone over that in a previous blog, if everyone takes off their footwear at the door, u jolly well FOLLOW it, especially if the owners of the place do so as well. And u don't go walking all the way to the door-step of my room and crane ur neck to look into the room as if u're SOOooOOO kind not to step into my room with footwear on even though ur slippers are supposedly clean but u've walked all the way from the hall to my room door.

Ok, i've complained enough for today, and perhaps i've made enough enemies for tonight. As my good friend aptly put, "The joys and pains of living out."

Happy Birthday Shivram, sorry i missed ur little birthday gathering over the weekend, so in return, u can miss my birthday gathering IF i have one (of if anyone other than my family and my previous precious (thanks Debbie for pointing this out... God what a blooper this is heh) gf remembers it) in December :p

Was out at Orchard just now with my family for some sight-seeing especially since the Christmas lights are up, and i saw lots of couples around, some with very desirable female counterparts as well, but somehow seeing them i feel jealous that i don't get to see my gf whenever i want to, especially not in my friend's case whom her boyfriend lives in the same damn block as her. Boohoo... I love you Anna. *sob*

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