Sunday, July 02, 2006

Its funny really...
I have cable, and though grudgingly i agreed to chip in for the additional subscription for the World Cup channels, and so far there've been 60 matches - but i've only watched 5.2 matches, the 0.2 is for the time i came out specially just to watch the penalty shootout between England and Portugal.
Not having much interest in the World Cup is one thing, but somehow i'm not particularly keen on watching the World Cup at home.

Its even funnier that as Soleil says, I'm more interested in clubbing than watching the World Cup of late - considering how much of a football fan I am during the EPL season.
Work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep.........
Yep i'm working now, so am in a pseudo-adulthood stage, and though i dread having to go back to school (especially since i still have 1 more bloody term to go), i do miss the days when i had so much free time and could act irresponsibly with impunity.
Like what D says, when we were in school we had so much spare time but so little spare money, now that we were at work we had so much spare money (not in my case though with my pitiful intern pay), but so little spare time.
And naturally with money involved when you're working, stress levels are significantly higher. Making it quite a release when i go to a club and go crazy and no one would care - how can the World Cup top that? Czech Republic went out so early, England play like pussy cats, Argentina got booted out by penalties, and Brazil fell asleep at the driver's seat.

But boy what an expensive lifestyle... $25 for entry, and considering my thresholds are fairly high i need quite some drinks before i get high enough to want to dance my life away, which means i might spend anywhere from another $30 to $100 on drinks. Ouch... that's like a fifth of my intern salary man... Ow... so much for having 'so much' spare money...

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