Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've lived with these chuthias for 4 years and 2 months now. Philip the guy with the cap has left us for about a year now, so that leaves the 4 of us. Shivram in green, Karthik in blue, Undi and me are the 2 cool guys in sunglasses. -You may not be able to see due to the size of the picture, but Undi's wearing a t-shirt saying "Attitude is Everything"- How apt.
They're hell lot of fun, but they sure can be sloppy too. But i guess its a way of life, I remember ever since that Nicoll Highway collapse, the government got pretty jumpy and started sending surveyors to check on the structural integrity of various old buildings near to MRT line constructions. My place was one of the places under monitoring, and this old contractor came with this young lady to check each and every apartment in my block. When they came in, boy the young lady's face was priceless. It was early in the morning i rememer, some 9am, everyone else in the house was still sleeping, and i didn't have classes at that time so i was tasked to stay awake to let them in.
I kept apologizing to the old contractor as he had to move around and look at corners ceilings for hairline cracks and stuff, and everytime he had to climb over wires, rubble of clothes, rubbish and what not to get to the hard to reach areas where people might miss tell-tale signs of a crumbling building. He laughed it off that it is perfectly expected for a bachelors' roost. The young lady who was although trying to be polite, wasn't particularly successful in hiding her disdain.
Well i don't really blame her.
And those were the common areas that some of us made some noise about keeping it clean for other people. The personal areas where other people had little say in were... wow see for yourself.
Wait for it....

Wait for it.....
Notice how empty his wardrobe is.
My old room wasn't spared when i shared it with Pedro, who took Shivram's place for 4 months when Shivram was enjoying himself on exchange in Minnesota.
The kitchen wasn't spared either.
The following is footage caught on consecutive days from the same location.

Well so far i seem to have been painting a picture of my living in a pig sty. It can get pretty bad, but i unfortunately have little pictures to show when it isn't bad.
Lately everyone's grown up, got good jobs and work humane hours, so we're not home that often, which means the house is usually kept reasonably neat and clean. My current place is going enbloc, so i guess we'll have to look elsewhere when our contract expires in May. Gonna miss this place, its homey, its spacious, and its convenient - in Bukit Timah smack right in central Singapore, Orchard's nearby, CBD's a direct bus away, and so are most of the other precincts in Singapore.
Looking forward like that you invariably wonder how our new place would be, where it might be and how it might look like. And you invariably also extrapolate from there thinking how your life would be like by then, whether you have a good job, whether u're happy with ur job and so on and so forth.
And if u think hard enough, you eventually reach the perennial question of What our Purpose in Life is. I leave you with a quote from the 1998 move Fallen, staring Denzel Washington and John Goodman - I love this movie by the way, a very unorthodox horror thriller movie that not everyone may appreciate.

Denzel: Why are we here? Us, humans? I mean there's six billion of us, we're like ants, I mean do we care what ants do, from a moral standpoint?
John: No. Maybe if you figure it out, you die, you know from a stroke or a heart attack or something, you just die. Maybe when you figure that out, you get promoted. [Points upwards with his finger]

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