Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wow - it's been quite a while since i posted.

Moving along here at Simpson Spence & Young, i've survived my probation, so i am now officially a trainee broker. Have only closed 2 small deals so far, and they're co-broked deals so my end of satisfaction is rather small. Will likely have to survive on co-broked deals for quite a while until i break into the industry and get my own private cargo from charterers.
Ask me more personally about how my industry works - it's not easy to explain over a blogspot like that...

We just threw Louise a surprise birthday dinner again. Caught him unawares again this year - after creating a long red-herring to throw him off-guard. Next up on the would be Daniel - June 19th, i'll try to remember that - he claims we've got not enough time to prepare anything - we'll see about that. Problem is that Al is busy, so not sure if we'll have an insider to help us out, throw him off-guard and distract him.

Got a bit of housing woes. Kart & Shiv are moving out with Undi on their own, yes without me. Extremely disappointed that they discussed all that and told me a couple of days ago that they had found an apartment and were gonna have a look at it, if they liked it they would take it. I could understand that budget concerns, over and above the fact that Undi could afford to pay a large portion of the house and save Kart & Shiv money. They claim it's hard to find 4 room apartments to fit all of us, especially in the central area near town that fit our budget. *shrug* now that i'm moving out alone, i won't go asking a property agent to go look for 4 room apartments that would fit our requirements, so i may never know the truth in that.
Friends were really angry that Kart & Shiv would throw out our long friendship like that, i'm not overly angry, just really disappointed how things've turned out, i wasn't going to be naive to think that this would be a lifelong thingie, but neither would i have thought there wasn't anything we could all sit down and discuss some sort of a solution.
Not sure if they've already taken their apartment though, personally i couldn't give a shit - i haven't spoken to them much, not that i would want to anyway, after all this has happened.
A couple of friends said they hope that apartment didn't work out, so that we could come back to the negotiating table again - i'm not so sure - though the economics certainly don't work out for me to live on my own, and though it may be my only solution at the moment, i'm trying to avoid taking a room and living with complete strangers since i can't find people i trust to be my new housemates on such short notice - coz i take trust as a serious issue, hence my apprehension of living with strangers, and i'm not sure i can now live with people who could fuck me over at any time.
It's a funny thing, people used to laugh at me for paying exorbitant rents when i could be paying significantly lower rents (or so they claim) in places just a little outside central, I always retorted that my place was really convenient and really comfortable all the same, and i was living with people i've lived with for the past 6 years of my life, people i trust, honest, easy-going people that i had faith in. How all that changes in the blink of an eye.

This is an excerpt from a conversation with my colleagues at work who know of my situation:
A: "Har? How can they just do that to you like that? You all have been together for so long!"
B: "Aiyoh, husband and wife married many years also can happen, don't say just among friends..."
How true.

So yes, I am now in the hunt for a new place to live. Everything's up in the air at the moment, coz it's still a bit too early to find a room to stay, and it's also too early for a couple of opportunities that i've stumbled upon that i've enquired on as they too need confirmations from other things - yet a roof over my head is something i'd like settled early.
The waiting, cold-sweating game begins yet again.

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