Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seems like the ghosts of the past are really catching up to me...
No matter how hard i try graduation just seems so fucking elusive...

Dr@n|xX at 5:20 PM

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Work work...............

Man its obvious i'm missing NZ... I've actually caught myself say more than once, "sweet as" and "i'll text you."
Not a good sign....

Grrrrr... yet another graduation issue... that silly Geology course i failed in NZ is starting to really haunt me...

In other news, the Xbox 360 is out. Looks like me and my housemates will start begging, stealing and borrowing to afford one now... *drool*

Dr@n|xX at 11:23 PM

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You Are a Fun Flirt

You just can't help yourself... you flirt with everyone you know.
Guys, girls, crushes, and friends. They're all victims to your charm.
You're into silly innuendos, sexy jokes, and playful touches.
You are a huge flirt, yet you never make anyone (too) uncomfortable!
What Kind of Flirt Are You?

Hmm my girlfriend isn't going to be too happy reading this... but considering i posted this up for the whole world to read does it even sound like i care? ;)

Your Inner Blood Type is Type B

You follow your own rules in life, even if you change the rules every day.
Sure, you tend to be off the wall and unpredictable, but that's what makes you lovable.
And even though you're a wild child, you have the tools to be a great success.
You are able to concentrate intently - and make the impossible possible.

You are most compatible with: B and AB

Famous Type B's: Leonardo Di Caprio and

And WHO? Why Leonardo Di Caprio for crying out loud? :(

Dr@n|xX at 9:20 PM