Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Yay! Move into new place oredi loh....
:) Boy after all that investment in Ikea furniture, the room looks FINE :) Shiv
and me have already planned out our room nice and proper, its gonna be a white,
beige and blue theme, my side of the room's gonna be predominantly blue, the
middle common area where the sofa is will be beige and shiv'd probably get
something white or beige. Everything fit into place nicely, and its nice to feel
that for once things are working out. When we first moved into the place, we
were slightly irked by the fact that we may have over-estimated the size of our
room and may not have room to fit the sofa we had bought cheap into our room.
Furthermore, we took the master bedroom with a built in wardrobe, so that was
fixed and we had to plan our room to FIT the location of the wardrobe instead of
moving the wardrobe to fit the room, plus we had our own toilet and balcony, so
that was 2 more doors to worry about. At the end of it all, just before Shiv
left for India, we sat on our sofa drinking Bacardi Breezers and enjoying the
ambience of our new room, and we were joking that the people who said our sofa
looked old and ugly and didn't fit the room were just jealous :p

Dr@n|xX at 2:03 PM