Friday, May 04, 2007

Well, Man U's European dream is over. At least it gives us the opportunity to concentrate on the Premiership and the FA Cup, so that at least we can get a bit of silverware this season.

Man, I guess i got a taste of how Roma fans must've felt when we romped them 7 - 1. Man U were out-gunned and out-classed, and were playing like a Division Two team. Undi's frustration was understandable, more so because he had foregone sleep despite having to work that day and stayed up to watch Man U. Our passes went nowhere, shots were everywhere but at the goal mouth, and we lost possession so cheaply at times it was as if we didn't want the ball at all.
It's even more frustrating for a supporter like me, when you read the full-time reports and opinions of the journalists who were watching the match, and everyone cries out in unison on how classy and how potent AC Milan were - in parallel to how a Roma fan would've felt when everyone waxed lyrical about how flowing and how perfect Man U's game against them was.

In other news, we're finally crawling towards a conclusion to my house hunt saga. Hopefully i can settle this and get a big load off my shoulder, and shorten my msn nick from "I need a job and a home. Fast.".

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