Thursday, May 17, 2007

Was playing Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360 at Willie's shop just the other day, and My God
i t i s a n a w e s o m e g a m e
I was absolutely hooked onto the game. Simply couldn't put the guitar down and let my left hand rest. Some of the songs were so friggin' hard but they were just BEGGING to be mastered.

A lot of the songs in the game were good ol' classic rock songs from the big'un's like The Police, Nirvana, Warrant and *swoon* Guns N' Roses. You have NO idea the FUN me and Willie had going head-to-head over Sweet Child O' Mine *WIDE grin*
Then there're also plenty of bonus songs from a lot of not-so-mainstream bands and guitarists, but that are just as good. I stumbled upon this gem in the game, and i'm STILL trying to grasp the guitar solo part in the game - URGH I'm SURE I can do it - but *gush* the SATISFACTION you get from actually getting it right and making the crowd go W I L D.

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I went to take a drink of water. And I read the above of what i wrote, gosh i sound almost insane... but that's how good the game is. I gotta get a job, earn some moolah, and start working towards pooling in for a new xbox with the guys when we move to the new place, then i absolutely HAVE to get this game.... *pulls hair out of head*

Dr@n|xX at 10:02 PM