Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Boy, finding a new place to stay isn't fun at all....
Guess its a "Welcome to the real world" slap in the face, but gosh i used to think it was so much fun going around with my family looking at showrooms and showhouses, soaking in their design ideas and architectural innovations - it was fun because it was always nice to go around and comment on what other people have done, especially when you yourself have no pressing need for that place in particular.
"Oh that's an interesting way to arrange your sofa..."
"Oh that's a nice color to paint the ceiling!"
"Oh this room's far too small!"
"Oh this house will be extremely warm as it faces the evening!"
And the list goes on.

I used to grumble under my breath on my dad's comments too. I used to get extremely irritated when he goes into a big house and then complains that it was too big and that he'd be afraid to live in such a house, yet when he finds a slightly smaller house, he'd complain that it was too small and that he could buy a much bigger place for the same price. Which probably explains why we haven't moved from where we live in... 12 years?

As for me, i guess my contract is expiring at a somewhat inconvenient time now that the property market is bullish again. I was actually kinda worried when i got an agent to look for a place for me, as i was terrified that he would laugh out loud when i told him my budget :/ Thank God the agent was really down to earth and suggested that a HDB was definitely more suited for my budget, it was just a matter of finding one as it wasn't easy to find 1-bedroom HDBs out for rent these days, especially one that would fit my tight budget...
I found a few online property ads that sounded like really good deals, almost too good to be true, and was informed by my agent after he checked up on a couple of them that they may be dummy ads - and that kinda iff'ed me. I suppose there is no free lunch, but it sometimes irritated me the distance over-zealous agents would go to get any kind of solicitation, by quoting an ad that would undoubtedly catch people's attention with a fantastic price, and when people call he would take down their details but 'disappoint' them by saying the unit was already taken, but would offer his services to find other similar units or whatever the client so fancied.
Therefore, on the advice of my agent, I decided to rely more on the newspapers and print classified ads, as they cost more to put up so the likelihood of dummy ads was significantly lower. Unfortunately for me the only copy of newspapers i had sitting around was my recruitment section of papers i had from a couple of weeks ago, i thought i'd try my luck anyway. Lo and behold, my ego took a BIG hit when I called one of the ads to enquire, and the guy on the other end of the line must've been thinking "Which planet did you just land from?" when he didn't even wait for me to finish my sentence and replied "Oh that one ar? *snort* It's been taken LooooOOoooOOoooOOOoooOOoooOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOooOOOoooOOOng ago loh.... "
I made a quick, bashful "Oh thank you" and immediately hung up to save myself anymore humiliation. Affordable 1-bedroom apartment in convenient location from the classified ads 2 weeks ago, WHAT THE BLAZES WAS I THINKING?! -_-"

Better keep my fingers crossed i'll be able to find a good one before time's up, or i'll have to probably see if i can negotiate out some sort of deal with the guys and see if i can squeeze back into their plans - which i'm not that keen as though economies of scale with a few people in the house are definitely a plus, it might be back to square one in terms of privacy, cleanliness and freedom.
If anyone's got a genuine deal for a 1-bedroom apartment that's reasonably connected to the rest of Singapore, do let me know in the newly set up flooble chatterbox in the sidebar (I've got ample time, so i'll be checking back to my blog quite frequently - and i'll hopefully have the inspiration to update my blog too).


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