Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well ok...
My academic woes are over, i graduated in November, so i am now officially -unemployed-

Took a break in December for the festive period, went to KL for some shopping and r&r, and bummed around mostly. Too bad the Bad Co. year-end trip got scrapped, what fun it would've been. Would've been cutting it close for me too, the extra term of school fees my dad had to pay over and above what I spent in NZ, phew i seriously overdrew my account. Period.

L's still in Compass,
Al's still in Ezra,
D's still in UOB though he moved to Home Loans,
Shel moved to Keppelfels,
Hong's still unemployed (like me).

Been searching around for job opportunities, and I've come to the conclusion that these online application forms are made user-UNfriendly on purpose. If you survive the excruciatingly LONG load times, the instability of the scripting and coding, the frustratingly tedious data-entry methods and the questionnaires, oh the questionnaires... It's almost as if they set that hurdle there to test your initial will, so if you get past this stage, you have passed the 1st level and are worthy of their attention. Pfffftt...
I spent like 3hours filling up a form for a company that owns a local car distributorship that carries 4 major automobile brands in Singapore, and this one I bothered to try, there was another form for an airport-management authority that was perhaps even MORE tedious that i gave up before i had even filled in my name (I am sorry, I am not worthy of your attention I suppose).
I also applied for a job at a major mobile network provider, the job itself sounds interesting, but I imagine it would be extremely awkward for me if they asked and found out I was a loyal customer of their rival's network... :|
I've not gotten any responses so far, even for a job opportunity at a premium automobile company that I'm putting a lot of hope for sigh... I'm trying not to put too much hope into it, but I like the job description and the company and the brand so much I can't help it, and I know that if i put so much hope into it and I fail to get it i would end up extremely disappointed. What an irony...
Everyone tells me not to give up and that it's only my 1st month of unemployment - wtf? I understand and appreciate the don't give up part, but what the heck do you mean my 1st month? How long do you expect me to be unemployed for?!

And so my search continues... I am that half a step closer to owning my very own maybe another year's time... Sob...

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