Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I got a lift by a fellow retiree back from school in his car today... he was nice enough to drive to the old SMU Campus and then switched drivers to let me test drive his Honda Integra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D WHOOOOOOOOOOPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

SHIOK man... 2.0litre VTec engine with a silky smooth gear change, who cares if its only a GSR and not a Type-R man..... and damn that stoopeed taxi in front of me holding me back in a one lane road from fully trying out the high-rev vtec.
He had also changed to a cold-air intake so the low end torque gather was pretty good, according to him it was significantly better than when it was stock. Then he had also changed to 17" rims (Thank God too coz the 15" ones that came stock looked terrible :/) and new tires for good traction. He's unfortunately a student like all of us, so he's still desperately saving to afford to be able to change his suspensions.

Sob... i want my car too :'( boohoo
Can i have a real one for Christmas Santa? Pretty please? I'll be good i promise..... *pout*

Dr@n|xX at 2:02 PM