Saturday, February 04, 2006

Muahahaha CNY is over, fortunes amassed, and immediately spent on the new PC, so yep, back to being broke again sob

Consolation was that i got a half working PC :) well it was working half well anyway... everytime windows popped up my video card would pop up a warning box saying it wasn't getting enough power so it has lowered its performance in order to prevent hardware damage. bleah. I thought i had to bring it back to the shop at Sim Lim Square and make another trip with the CPU :/
Then i finally took out my good ol'Altec Lansing speakers from the box only to find that the left speaker was wonky. double bleah.

NOT ANYMORE muahahaha... after an excruciatingly long friday with classes from 8.30am - 6.45pm, i made it a point to open my CPU and look in. AH HA straightaway the problem was evident - the silly guy who had done my hardware installation had forgotten to plug the auxilliary power from the power supply to my video card. Made a few calls to ensure my hypothesis was right, and to double check that my solution would not blow up the computer - voila tip top condition :) whoopee.
Then i was poofed about the speakers... i mean they were good, but the audiophile in me simply will not accept a left speaker with inaudible high frequencies and whose bass cracks before an audible volume. Flipped my subwoofer around, messed around with some wires, and whadaya know, it didn't blow up! :) AND it now makes perfectly crisp sounds just the way music is supposed to be listened to. double whoopee.

Now to complete the whole package. To source for a good wireless keyboard to replace this piece of junk of a keyboard with all the useful keys in the wrong places, with keys that feel so tacky u're not sure whether you've actually pressed the key down or not. And i still have to address the issue of the fonts on my LCD monitor looking somewhat... peculiar...

Dr@n|xX at 11:35 AM