Monday, January 23, 2006

Was having lunch today with my good friend D at Sunshine Plaza, this shopping centre in the Bras Brasah area, not too far away from where the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts is - at at this Parklane Wan Tan Mee place that's supposed to be really good, found it wanting though, a tad bit too salty in my opinion.
In any case most of the shopping centre was quiet even though it was lunch time, and the majority of hobby shops there were closed. There were a couple of -ahem- massage parlors that were open though, dark and dim inside with women manning the entrances otherwise obscured by a wealth of curtains and drapes. I didn't need any hints to know what the services they were offering were.
What D said though when we were walking past it still tickles me though.
He asked me to imagine their reaction if i were to walk up to one of those ladies, brandishing my matric card and asked if there was any student discount.
I'd like to imagine D's reaction if he had asked her that question and she had said yes, and promptly dragged him in *snigger*

Dr@n|xX at 10:42 PM