Friday, December 16, 2005

Well i'm back in Singapore.
I've finally gotten back my room in Serene, and i spent most of yesterday cleaning it :/ Its finally clean and habitable again :)
Been trying to unpack my clothes to be put back in the cupboard, but i suddenly realize HOW MUCH clothes i've accumulated over the years, and i'm basically awe-struck that i've so many clothes, and its not as if i've never seen most of them before, i've worn all of them before just that it never occured to me i had that many clothes... I'm battling inertia now to put that (to me anyway) immense amount of clothes back in the cupboard... :(

Was supposed to fly off tomorrow to Indonesia for the trip i came back from NZ early for... one of my buddies unfortunately couldn't get off work, so we had to delay the trip by 2 days becoz we booked the tickets as a group package, and if he can't fly we have to pay a penalty which didn't make sense... well at least i'll get a little bit more time to put my room in order then...
In any case, i'm looking for a bubble sofa set, like this one from Yahoo. Bean bags are far too expensive for my tight budget, so i have to settle for these bubble sofas, but they seem to be a little out of fashion these days and are quite hard to come by. Anyone know where to find them? And if yes anyone know how much one that can seat abt 2 people will cost?

Thanks Gwen. I've sorta resigned to my fate of having to stay an additional term. I've emailed the Vice-dean of the Business School and he emailed back saying they've got limited resources and spaces, and that his answer was not going to be any different from the one the lady at the Registrar gave me...

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