Thursday, December 01, 2005

If i could personify Fate, it would seem that he (or she, lets just say its a he to skirt the sexism issues this could possibly unravel) is that slow-coach in front of your car in a traffic jam. He's the one who moves his car far too slowly when the car in front of him moves and frees up half a car-length's worth of space, so that a decisive driver from another lane can immediately rush out of his lane and "cut" into our supposedly faster lane - this obviously puts us the drivers behind that slow-coach in a debilitating position because we're going nowhere behind the slow-coach.
He misses it once probably because he was slow on the clutch or the transmission.
He misses it twice because he was fumbling with the radio when the car in front moved.
He misses it thrice because the driver in the other lane was too aggresive.
He misses it again because he zoned-out after not having moved for the past hour or so.

By now any human with a limited lifespan and hence a shortage of time and much more likely a shortage of patience would've manifested his frustration either in the form of a hoot, or a more masculine winding down of the window and hurling obscenities over the din of engine rumbles. This might turn out to be a mistake if you ask me, or at least to the slow-coach that seemingly governs the traffic jam i call my life.

Upon exhibiting your frustration to the slow-coach, he now knows his actions are significant, and that his choices impact on your life. From now onwards, its no longer about driving incompetence or general sloth towards the predicament of traffic congestion, its about satisfaction.
From now on, he lets other cars come in because
he knows this transfers his increasing blood pressure from the stresses of life to you;
he knows every time he does it your fuse burns all that shorter;
he knows he's now enjoying his time alot more than he previously was;
he knows he's in absolutely no hurry at all but you certainly are;
and he knows there ain't a damn thing you can do about it because he's got a good lawyer.

Everything that has happened to me this year has been the above-mentioned traffic jam.
The happy moments were the times when the radio plays the songs you've been humming all day, and you temporarily forget you're actually stuck in a stupid jam. When the song ends you're suddenly pulled back down to Earth with the weight of the realization that reality is real (pun intended), and that the jam's still there and the slow-coach in front still requiring more brain power than you'd have hoped to move just that wee bit faster.
Exchange to NZ was nothing short of breath-taking, but it had to end, just like the song on the radio.
Every other disappointment is like the gleeful drivers that jump into our fast lane thanks to the slow-coach, to our detriment and to the slow-coaches' satisfaction at our displeasure.

Today another car just jumped into my lane.
NUS finally replied, and for reasons that have as of yet still escape me, my application to take DSC3201 Supply Chain Management in NUS has been rejected. I was told NUS students only bid for their classes about a couple of weeks before school starts, that means that there technically shouldn't be a problem about a shortage of places for me since i'm enrolling into the class way before the school actually starts. If it were a problem of pre-requisite subjects they would've mentioned it in the email or requested my school to furnish details of the foundation modules i've already covered in my past 3.5yrs. If they just didn't like my face or name they would've rejected my exchange application altogether rather than just reject the course i need.

I've already replied to the email and asked if a small leeway be made since i was in my final term and there weren't many other courses i could map back anyway, so DSC3201 was the only option available to me.
Not sure if the NUS administration has any pity left, what with all the stories i've heard of them.

In any case i'd rather end off my post with a slightly happier finale:
Belated birthday wishes to my cousin Tizi enjoying the Scandinavian summer.
Future birthday wishes to the lil'gal Cindy and to Rachel who's still enjoying the country i didn't want to leave.

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