Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well i'm home. In both senses, was in Singapore yesterday and saw a couple of good friends and saw the new City Campus.
I'm literally home in JB now, and i still feel freaking warm in an air-conditioned room...

Plane flight was good - SIA at their best again. Food was good, flight was somewhat turbulent, but way better than my flight to NZ. Movies were good, watched Valiant, Cinderella Man and Minority Report. Air-hostesses and service were good too, this time round most of the laidies were good looking, unlike my flight to NZ which had only 1 extremely bewitching air-hostess but everyone else were otherwise quite plain-looking.
Had a Dutch hospital designer sitting beside me, friendly guy, and extremely well-travelled. Natively Dutch, but has lived in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and New Zealand. Best part was the guy was a car-buff as well, and had a pretty good time talking to him about RX-7s, rotary engines and their poor fuel-economies but rather blood-racing turbine screams, BMW's rear-wheel drive traditions and brave new design cues and the lack of speed limits on the autobahn and autostradas over dinner.
The Japanese guy on my left though was in my opinion an even more amazing guy even though i never once talked to him throughout the 9.5hr flight. He left his seat for a grand total of 3 times to go to the toilet and only the toilet. All other times he was bolted down in his seat, reading and finishing 2 books in the process. His eyes never left his book other than to go to the toilet or to face the air-hostess whenever she came by offering hot towels, meals or drinks. He didn't even look at me when i tried my best to utter a nonchalent "excuse me" in Japanese to reach across him to get the magazine pouch which was beside him (since i was sitting at the emergency exit seat so there weren't any seats in front of me and therefore the pouch was not in front of me).

So i've been in Southeast Asia for a grand total of 62hrs. I feel happy i've already had the opportunity to reminisce with old friends Crystal Jade, Adam Road Sambal Stingray & Ice-kacang, Pokka Lemon & Calamansi, Ribena and many more will come.
Oh how i've missed you.

For the people still in NZ, be extremely happy u're not here in the heat and humidity. Enjoy ur time in NZ while it lasts... sob sob... i wish i were there with you....

"If you've been waiting, you've been waiting too long... " - Advert Theme Song

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