Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Welcome to the new and improved.
Took me quite some effort becoz the coding of the skin wasn't quite well done, i managed to make it compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox at resolutions of 800x600 and above. Let me know if there're any problems by posting on my chatbox and i'll make the necessary changes if i can figure it out with my limited knowledge of html and java.

Its official. I'm coming home on the 10th. Its sad to be leaving NZ, but as they say,
East or West, Home is Best. Am looking forward to seeing my family, and all the people i treasure as friends again.

Am trying not to hope too much lest i get disappointed again. Emailed the Associate Dean and he told me not to worry and he had already spoken to the subject co-ordinator Jason, and Jason would assist me. Sounds good doesn't it? I'd like to think so too, but
1. i don't want to be disapointed yet again.
2. Jason Chiam isn't the most patient of people, and i doubt he'll take too kindly my going to his boss and his boss coming back to tell him what to do for me.
3. i have a deadline to meet for my local exchange application. I'm supposed to withdraw my application by today, but i haven't heard anything from Jason so i'm not sure what to do - whether to withdraw or not, whether to email Jason to check progress or not. Sigh.
But i will take the advice of all the friends who have stood with me, i will stand tall and fight on.

On other news, mon cherie wore a sari and went with her cluster mates in hall to a Deepavali dinner. Apparently this is big news for her cluster mates, enough to warrant a fairly long post ( Saris are difficult to wear i'm told), but why the heck did they put a back-profile photo? :/
Am still quite amused they call her a biscuit though.

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