Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ok first 500m of 2km steeplechase completed.

Jason Chiam the subject co-ordinator emailed me early this morning(NZ time) to inform me my appeal to take a core module on exchange has been approved.
Its the first email with full polite sentences i've received from him, possibly because the mail was carbon copied to the Associate Dean i had emailed, the Assitant Director of the business school (who's probably keeping track of all these movements) and the lady in charge of local exchange at the Office of the Registrar; but hey, i'm not complaining.
I will email him after my paper in 3hrs, but thanks Jason, even though u're unlikely to be reading this.
Jason had, in the same email, politely (must remember to add that) helped me ask Serena the lady in charge of local exchange who will receive a carbon copy email, to allow me to be put on a priority reserve list - in the event that someone pulls out of local exchange for NUS my application will be first to be considered and swiftly expedited.

Well Serena, the ball's in your court now. Thanks Daniel who tried to talk to her though she was on leave, and big thank you to Alicia who managed to speak to her yesterday and told me the same thing that i might be able to get a place if someone pulled out. Love u guys (and girls), and all the rest who've been with me through these tough times.

Hope lingers still.
I pray i do not get disappointed again.

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