Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Man its so surreal.
I swear just last week i was just stepping into the iSPACE office for the first time, about to be introduced to a brand new lifestyle. I swear it was just yesterday i just shook hands for the first time with all the wonderful people i've met here. It feels like i just came back from my mid-semester break just last night, and i'm still feeling the itch of a need for more.
I'm so envious of everyone else, travelling South Island (Queenstown OMG i so wanna go there), seeing the mysterious mountains of Milford Sound, experiencing the countryside'ish cityscape of Christchurch and marvelling at the splendour of the Southern Alps. I'm sure you guys are gonna have a BALL =) wish i could be there with you all........

But well, i'm coming home. Back to sunny Singapore, where its either too cold in the lecture theatres or too hot outside - take your pick. Back to the comfort zone, where prices are low, and the security of knowing a safety net called family is nearby.
Family. A very nondescript word. Most people never realize how much they miss their family until they're too far away to enjoy their love, and most people never realize how precious their family is until they lose it. Or nearly lose it. Most people won't understand the significance of what i said until they experience it themselves anyway, like i did.

I got past one big worry. So now i move on to my other checklist of worries, of problems to patch up, of past mistakes to atone for, of new solutions to find, of more instances to help, of hopes to discover.
Sounds like my trip to NZ was really a holiday huh? A getaway from all this...
Perhaps, but whatever it is, i'm coming back.
My sanctuary.

Dr@n|xX at 8:02 PM