Saturday, November 05, 2005

Its odd that i'm absolutely not stressed about my exams here at all, yet i'm losing sleep.
I don't sleep during the night despite trying, wake up feeling tired and not being able to study, and end up taking long naps in the day when i should be working, and the cycle sinks in.
I've been lucky so far to have been still able to somehow dig out some reserve of strength to last me through the exams i've gone through so far.

I've been trying to correct my sleep cycle over the past week with limited success.
And just on the night where i thought i got it right for a change, they decided to hold a party 2 flats away from me last night, in spite of an alcohol and noise ban in effect here in Parnell Student Village now till the end of the exams. The party was alright as the decibel levels were kept reasonably low, but its as usual the after effects of any party that irked me. Why?
A bunch of drunk morons decided to play soccer in the dark at 2am in the morning in the yard just outside my window. Lily, my french housemate thankfully was a social butterfly and knew quite a few of the drunkards, and requested that they take their game elsewhere, which they did at around 3am. I thought my misery ended there.
I won't detail what happened later because i would then have to openly mention names and finger people, but it had something to do with the things that go bump in the night, and i'm not talking the bogeyman either. Nithya was kept awake because of it, and i presume she too had a frustrating night. Closer friends go ahead and ask me over msn, u'll hear lots of it from me coz i'm still incensed over it.

I didn't sleep till 5am because of that. Woke up (if that's the word to use at all considering how miserable i felt) at 7 to get ready to go for the paper.
Paper was alright, not as tough as i thought it would be, but i screwed up a couple of sections coz i was just so tired during the paper i blacked out on certain things, like question words so i'm expecting zero marks for the section where we're supposed to ask questions in relation to the answers provided in the paper. Just couldn't concentrate during the last quarter of the exam either, so much so i handed in my composition 20 words short of the expected 100 word limit - won't be earning points there either. Hopefully my confidence in the other sections can make up for it and i can still scrape a pass.

But i came home tired, sleepy, dis-heartened and just plain grumpy to the best news i've heard in weeks. Can anyone guess?

Dr@n|xX at 6:53 AM