Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My MSN nick probably says it all.

"Why God? Now my SUSEP has been rejected. And why now during my exams? Why God?"

I'm trying my best God, but i don't understand the meaning of all this.

I've got a geology paper tomorrow morning. As much as i only need to pass since i'm on exchange, geology is a brand new ball game to someone like me with my secondary school geography knowledge, so passing is a bit of a long shot. Not being able to concentrate on studying today and having to pass it tomorrow is something like taking a long curling shot at goal around a forest of defenders.

I'm so far away from home. What can i do from here?
I'm so close to getting home, my exams end in 2 weeks. Can it wait till then?
I'm knee deep in confusion before the first paper even kicked off. Can't it wait till then?

The administration in charge of going through SUSEP applications emailed me that my application was unsuccessful due to high volume of applications for NUS. They did suggest i apply to NTU though, but that won't work because NTU doesn't offer the Supply Chain Management module i need, or at least the websites i've looked through don't.
I've emailed the subject co-ordinator Jason about my unsuccessful application, and enquired as to the result regarding my appeal to take a core module on exchange since i've heard no word from him. Its even more excruciating that he immediately had an out-of-office auto-reply saying he was at the HKUST Case Competition, so i can't rely on him for help or suggestions any time soon. He did not mention when he would be back.
My deadline, literally, is November 2nd to reply whether i'm up for the NTU alternative which isn't an option for me.
2nd Novemeber. Again a day before another exam. This time my Ops Mgmt paper.

Does anyone have a miracle for sale?

"There is no way to happinness.
Happiness is the way. " -Buddhist Proverb

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