Friday, October 28, 2005

Just came back from a wonderful (but expensive) dinner at Occidental.
Its a Belgian bar with specialty Belgian beers. I had a Caesar salad that was mmm mmm fantastic only because i wasn't into seafood, and the rest of them had not one but TWO big pots of steaming mussels which apparently were heavenly :) i tried one but erm i stick to my original dislike of seafood :) The beer was good too, i had a specialty beer called Chivauy White, Ryan had a tap beer called Leffe Blonde, Debbie had a very light Belleveau Franboise that tasted more like fruit punch than anything, Rachel had a Hoegarden special brew which i forgot the name, and Aaron had another tap beer called Leffe Dark.
Thanks Aaron (oops Raphael), Debbie, Rachel & Ryan. I needed this outing to get my mind off being depressed. Hopefully this bout of sinking will wear off soon.

Dr@n|xX at 7:54 PM