Friday, October 07, 2005

I emailed the subject co-ordinator Jason Chiam 2 days ago describing my circumstances, and my suggestion of clearing Supply Chain Management on local exchange in NUS - upon his approval of my clearing a Core module on exchange.
He replied yesterday saying he would think about possible options for me that night, short and nothing more. As curt as that may have sounded, it was possibly the sweetest sentence i have ever heard from him. My opinion of him may only have improved slightly, but at least now i am sure that he is human as well. And since i am very possibly in his debt now, i take back all the mean things i have said about him.
Today the general administrative office sent out an email saying the applications for Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP) is open for next term, and the closing date is 14 October 2005. Jason Chiam immediately replied asking me to apply for it first, since my case was still pending.
I have already submitted my application, and all that's left to do now is pray and keep my fingers crossed. For the friends who have prayed for me and stuck with me through this tough time, i'm extremely grateful and i'm embarrassed to ask that u pray just a little bit longer.

On a more positive note, the package from the Bad Company gang finally arrived yesterday morning. It was masqueraded as a postcard initially, but due to the fact that the address was missing the crucial postbox number, i muscled the information that it was a package out of my poor girlfriend, since i needed to track where they would put my "postcard" if it didn't say which postbox to put into. After some migraines as to the difference in tracking number codes, since the tracking number put on the box when sent from Singapore is changed upon arrival in NZ, i finally managed to locate it - incidentally the system always said the package was "in transit".

Monday they called me at 9am, and i told them i'd be home till 3pm, and they said they'd deliver it. Nope, nothing. I thought i'd call the postal people on Tuesday to see if i should pick it up myself.
Tuesday morning as i was leaving to go to school, the courier had left a card on my door saying he came at 6.30am but nobody was home. SIX THIRTY AM? NO ONE WAS HOME? Are u kidding? EVERYONE was home, just that NO ONE was awake. So i called the postal people and they said they could arrange for a re-delivery on Wednesday between 7am to midday (wow that's helpful, do u know how many hrs of gap that is?)
Wednesday. Yep, i skipped French class to wait for the damn package. I waited till 1.30pm since my class was at 2pm. Nope, nothing. I suspected the cycle would repeat.
Thursday i had my usual french class at 8am, so i was up at 6.30 am, and i sat at the dining table sipping my morning tea, waiting to pounce on the courier like a predator. As expected, he did arrive, at 7.30am. I didn't even need to wait for him to knock, i opened the door and took the package. Had he not smiled at me and greeted me, i swear i'd have snatched the package away from him - DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I WENT THROUGH TO LOCATE AND WAIT FOR ITS ARRIVAL?

Well, it was a sight for sore eyes:
at last...
Sorry i don't have the picture of the box, i was too excited i ripped it open before i realized i should've taken a photo to commemorate that momentous occassion.
Thanks gals & guys of the Bad Company. Love ya all =)
My girlfriend had a part in it as well, but what i tell her's none of ur business :P
The controversy didn't end there. There was a packet of Horlicks in the package, and somehow it blew up in the package, leaving almost everything in the box protected with a thick, sticky, sweet-smelling resin. Daniel my good man had (according to him) left it in the box and made sure it blew up on purpose to deter officials who had to open my package to check it for whatever they needed to look for from stealing my badly needed food-aid from Singapore. What brilliance! I'd have never thought of that, thanks Daniel darling(its a private joke).

So that's that. I pray my application and appeal goes well, so i can finally take my wounded mind (from lack of sleep and depression) off it, and get back to enjoying one of the most beautiful places i've visited in my life (just after Switzerland of course heh).

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