Sunday, October 09, 2005

Found these quizzes while reading Rachel's blog, thought some of the results were quite funny so i posted them here to get my mind off being depressed with everything that's happening and the cold, gloomy Auckland weather.

Your Hair Should Be Blue

Wild, brilliant, and out of control.
You're a risk taker with an eye to the future.
What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.
You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.
What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

Your Summer Ride is a Beetle Convertible

Fun, funky, and a little bit euro.
You love your summers to be full of style and sun!
What's Your Summer Ride?

This one i was honestly very
very amused by it lol, read and laugh for yourself as well :D
Your Seduction Style: Au Natural

You rank up there with your seduction skills, though you might not know it.
That's because you're a natural at seduction. You don't realize your power!
The root of your natural seduction power: your innocence and optimism.

You're the type of person who happily plays around and creates a unique little world.
Little do you know that your personal paradise is so appealing that it sucks people in.
You find joy in everything - so is it any surprise that people find joy in you?

You bring back the inner child in everyone you meet with your sincere and spontaneous ways.
Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.
As a result, those who you befriend and date tend to be incredibly loyal to you.
What Kind of Seducer Are You?

This test, the "What's Your Hidden Talent?" Quiz is a little strange coz i like all the pictures there, so does that mean i have all those traits? *shrug* but i always say these tests are so general almost anyone can fit into them. More often than not these tests are feel-good tests, they tell you things you want to hear and like to think of yourself as, even if you're not lol but that's just me, the contradiction to nature, the practical idealist, the cynical optimist at work.

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