Friday, September 30, 2005

Well what can i say? My head's in a mess, and worrying doesn't help because it never solved anything, but trying isn't enough because i'm simply too far away to do anything.

I'm on my final year of university education, the next term being my final. I've got a few more courses to clear in my final term, but guess what? The compulsory subject that i have no way around is not offered next term, so i end up finishing up next term with 1 paper short, and i can't do anything else to replace it because its compulsory. Its even more pissing off because its offered THIS term while i'm AWAY on exchange. Great, now i can't graduate.

Emailed Jason Chiam the subject co-ordinator. His replies were his usual short and curt - No, it is not offered in Term 2. It doesn't help that i can imagine that prick saying it to me with that air - acting like he owns the school, my soul, my existence and all.
Held back my disgust and asked if it would be offered during the Summer then. The usual - No, the course list of 2005/06 is available on LEO. Yes i know Oh Exalted One, i wouldn't be asking YOU if it had a listing for the courses available during Summer.

Emailed the only professor teaching it as well. Seems like a nice enough guy, very polite and sympathetic but offered the same answer for both Term 2 and Summer.

Doesn't help that the major i'm doing is still relatively small, and there is only one other girl who's possibly doing the same major who's also on exchange and hence a victim of this turn of events as well.
Not sure if she's as stuck in as i am, because i'm too deep in the bog to turn back and switch back to my Marketing major again, but sticking to my Ops Mgmt major forces me to wait a whole term for that ONE subject before i can graduate - a whole YEAR later than the batch of 2002, purely because Convocation is held only once a year and i will be missing the next one because of this fiasco.
Emailed her anyway, hopefully she's not in the same predicament as me, but if she is doubt it'll help either of us because knowing Jason Chiam he won't open another class, not even in Summer, not for 2 people he won't.

Jason Chiam obviously thinks otherwise, but i would think i am a victim of fate.
April 2005 Had my exchange to New Zealand approved
May 2005 Did up my paperwork for Auckland, accomodation, insurance, visa etc
June 2005 Course List for 2005/2006 is put up
My exchange had already been approved and you're all ready to go after all that paperwork, even if THEN i had fully realized that my graduation was at stake if i was unable to clear that damn paper, i would've thought alot of people might've still had an amazingly terrible time deciding whether to give up the once in a lifetime opportunity to go on exchange.

I came all the way to New Zealand to see the world, and most importantly, enjoy. Now that all this has happened New Zealand is no longer the guilt-free indulgence it originally was set out to be. Already knee deep in debt with the Study Loan, the recent fee hike, and now exchange, the extra 1 term of fees seems like an awful amount to bear for a simple mistake of deciding to go on exchange.

Sigh its depressing when you're cornered. Supply Chain Management isn't offered in Term 2, and that's that. No amount of emailing will change that. Sobbing and crying in front of Jason Chiam won't do any good either, nor am i capable of doing that had i thrown away my dignity because i am 9000km away from home (and to think i shook my head at the people before me who had done similar stunts). The professor can't offer it in Term 2 not because he doesn't want to but because he's doing a research paper at that time. The paper normally isn't offered in Summer, so there's still a small and very faint glimmer of hope there, despite what Jason Chiam has already said of its availability in Summer.
Some friends (Thank you Gwen, and thank you God for giving me the priviledge of knowing her) have suggested a few last gasps:
Both long shots, but i don't have much to lose do i? Anyone else have any other ideas?

When i landed all i could say was how beautiful New Zealand was.
Now, the beauty of New Zealand is nothing more than a tongue sticking out back at me saying
Enjoy what you can, you fucking moron

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