Friday, September 16, 2005

Lots of cars in JB in particular border on insane to say the least. I used to think if they released furry bonnets the upstanding car-fashion-divas of JB would come up with neon glowing ones.
One of the most memorable was a totally PINK Kenari with bodykits so low it prevents stray dogs from taking shelter underneath. The upholstery was pink, and the rim bolts were pink as well. I swear if the owner could have pink tyres he'd have it. We'd think it'd be a girl driving it, probably a sweet gift from her boyfriend, lo and behold no it was a GUY driving it. If my gf like such a car i might've done the same, but i'd NEVER step foot into that car, much less drive it. But what took the cake was the exhaust pipe, it was the size of a Milo gong (read: tin, the 1 litre one) AND it was in the shape of a heart.

I was mooching around waiting for the Pro Evolution Soccer 5 demo to finish downloading and i clicked around and found myself a gem of laughter.
I never was too head-over-my-heels about Kenny Sia but i will agree he does have his funny bits, and this is one.

Worth honourable mention is this as well, as i commend his tenacity to compile such a list.

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