Thursday, August 11, 2005

Been here for a month now, and i've compiled a list of things i love and don't love about wet winters in New Zealand.
This is a very personal list though, so results may vary, please consult your local travel agent for personalized prescriptions.

Top 5 things i love
1. The air always smells fresher when its cold.
2. You can play with the condensation from your breath when its cold. (ooh yeah i love this one :D )
3. You hardly ever feel icky coz you don't sweat when its cold, yet hot baths are orgasmic here when its cold.
4. You get to see rainbows every other day after the rains, especially coz it rains ever so often when its cold.
5. I love the warm inviting aroma of Subway and their toasted breads in the cold.

Top 5 things i DON'T love
1. Waking up when its cold. (actually i hate waking up for that matter yet i'm too young to die)
2. Waking up to go to school and finding that its raining, and its cold.
3. Ugly looking guys everywhere with flashy cars and cute chicks basking in their rides, and i'm freezing outside because its cold.
4. Having to be very thrifty coz everything's so expensive, but its cold.
5. Answering nature's urgent call, coz when you sit on those seats everything either comes straight out or everything goes back in, because its cold.

Did i mention it was cold?

Dr@n|xX at 8:57 PM