Thursday, May 27, 2004

Today I’m going to complain about my computer. I’m complaining becoz yes, as u guessed it, I’m bored. Oh u didn’t manage to guess that? Well, there’s a regional managerial meeting here at the office where most of the Asia-Pacific Regional Managers are down, so my boss is in and out of office becoz of that meeting. So here I am, more or less done with my work and bored to the bones, and sleepy as well.

My computer is working really hard. No I don’t mean that in a good way, I mean to say the comp is being pushed SO hard just to keep up with my typing that it just pisses me off. And I’m not saying I’m typing very quickly either, I’m too sleepy to be able to type at my full potential. I got these powerpoint presentations from Indonesia, India and China about their biscuits market that I’m supposed to consolidate for my boss. China sent an excellent presentation, small and concise. India was ok. Indonesia, in my opinion sent a piss-poor presentation, HUGE and irrelevant. The whole presentation from Indo had no more than 8 pictures, but the whole file is a whopping 60megs. And with my ancient comp it takes almost 5mins to open that damn presentation. After I finally manage to open it in Microsoft Powerpoint, every time I scroll to the slide that contains a picture the computer groans and whirrs so hard to tell me that its hard at work again, only to finally produce the image on the screen about a minute later. And in the meantime all I can do is sit there and watch the computer freeze and hear the hard-disk buzz as the computer simply doesn’t have the capacity to do anything else while trying to display that damn picture. And guess wat, all the picture contains is a damn biscuit package, and its no more than the size of my mouse button on the monitor. And if u’re wondering if my comp still crashes for a hobby, yes it still does, and becoz the freakin file’s 60megs, it takes my comp another 5mins to save, assuming it does save at all. If its possible to crash again after the comp has hung, my comp’d have done so, hanging halfway through a save, then crashing windows in the process, and just stopping short of crashing my hard disk as well. Come to think of it I wish the comp’d just die, so that I can request for a new one. Its with ignorant people like that in Indonesia who send me 60meg presentations with pictures the size of wazoo of biscuit packages that make my life so miserable I wish I was never born. Give me a computer game that’s so damn impossibly hard that I can’t complete it will make me feel irritated, not miserable. Waking me up halfway through my sleep every night will make me tired, not miserable. Shoving a broomstick up my ass while I’m blindfolded and in jail as a prisoner of war while being asked questions about military intelligence I have no answer for will make me hurt, cry, bleed and constipated, not miserable.

Sat in my colleague’s Honda City yesterday to go for lunch. Am so envious even though I know for sure he’s been a veteran in the company and hence would more than likely be pretty well paid, enough for him to afford a car in Singapore. His Honda City, although lacking in performance, was a very classy looking car on the inside. Well insulated from sound, leather finish and deeply recessed dashboard reminiscent of the Mercedes SLK. There were so many things I wanted to know about owning a car in Singapore, but I didn’t know him well enough to be asking the most burning of questions which would more than likely be too personal for him to answer, such as how much his salary was to be able to afford a car in Singapore. Coz he was the perfect person to ask, owning a car in the 70K range which was exactly my budget, he’d know how the car insurance policies work and how much premium I’d roughly have to pay for a 3-door car since I’d like a sporty car and at the moment am most interested in the Suzuki Ignis Sport; he’d know roughly how much a month he spends on fuel, on parking since he pays for the season parking at the office. Over and above that he has a family who last I heard he’s just been blessed with a baby boy, more costs for him to balance.

Ok back from lunch. Now I’m full, warm, and that little fuzzy feeling in my tummy coupled with the air-conditioning and the comfortable chair is making me REALLY sleepy. Going to the toilet to take a nap’s getting quite tough as I begin to miss the comforts of home. I used to think the toilet was a good place to sneak a nap or two, since I just put the seat cover down, and since the cubicle’s pretty narrow u just need to lean to the side a little to have a head rest. The toilet’s dry and pretty free of odors, so its an ok place to nap. I don’t mind when people come in to use the toilet and make some noise and wake me up, its something I have to accept. But what I hate is when they come to the toilet and do their business LOUDLY, seemingly in spite. Especially when they pull the lever that releases the facial towels, I mean if I can do softly, so can u, u don’t have to freakin pull the lever down like ur life depended on it, then release it from the bottom so that it’ll spring back up with that pleasing “wham”, AND do it a few times in a go so that u’ll have enough paper to wipe that ugly face of urs. Now as I get progressively tired out through the week, the toilet is becoming less and less of a haven for napping since more and more I desire the comforts of home, hell I wouldn’t mind sleeping on the chair in my cubicle if the bosses didn’t mind.

Sigh, I’ve been complaining a lot. I’d complain more if I weren’t so sleepy…. But I guess I’ll have to make do, and I’ll be visiting the toilet for a while later…

Dr@n|xX at 1:33 PM