Thursday, October 16, 2003

I'm giving Blogger one last chance. With all their big hoo-hahs about new changes and new changes like what got Koizumi installed into office in the first place, Japan's still where she is now as she was 13 years ago, good sign? Maybe considering she didn't fall to poverty, but that's Japan, its blogger i'm talking about. So freakin frustrated i couldn't even post a "Hi" on the damn blog, that i decided to try and start my OWN site, i did start and all, but didn't finish it, sometimes happens for some things i do. So sue me, i'm inconsistent, and like it or not that's me.
Wonder if anyone's even reading this considering how my previous batch of usual customers must've moved on to greener pastures and are hooked onto the gazillion more interesting people than me. Well, for those loyal people who CAN read this IF this post is successful, rest assured more will come, more ramblings and more delirious chants will come. Maybe not that often, but it WILL come.

Dr@n|xX at 2:38 AM