Friday, March 21, 2003

God its been eons since i've updated this cesspool... With exams looming in another 3 weeks, and crunch time for projects and assignments, i apologize for leaving this site derelict...

The whole bunch of us, my roommate, the chakka, the Mr err Miss Patron's Day X-Box winner and his roommate, we got this apartment even nearer to school than hostel. So far i've seen it once, and it looked like The place. Spacious, convenient, and economical. Located at Serene House just beside the Botanical Gardens, meaning i don't have to walk past 2 petrol kiosks, walk across Bukit Timah Road AND Dunearn Road, then walk up the Damned  slope up to school. And for S$1450 a month for a 3 bedroom apartment, but with a land area probably twice of our current house in hostel, i'm not complaining too much. My new roommate there would be the chakka :) When the whole bunch of us first secured the place, God were we excited. I hunted all over the place for an Ikea catalogue, found a back-dated 2002 Malaysian catalogue, listed down the furniture i liked, called Ikea to check on new prices and stock availability, then drafted a budget and possible shopping list. Then i dragged my girlfren to Ikea to have a look, so that i could roughly gauge measurements, colour combinations and see actual prices. For those who've been to Ikea (which is probably everyone, except me then of course, that trip to Ikea was my first, and definitely not the last coz i've fallen in love with Ikea ;D), you'd know Ikea provides this little brochure that acts as ur map and ur shopping list, just for a study table, a chair, and accessories, i filled up the whole piece of paper :) From there i adjusted my budget and shopping list, and now i have a possible finalized shopping list just WAITING to be ticked off :) Funding of course is a consideration, and i'm getting mixed signals from my mum who as usual doesn't give a shit about aesthetics, at least not for anything but home, isn't willing to fork, claiming that the use-2-hours-to-fix-up-DIY-table-from-Giant-but-collapses-in-2-mins is enough, and my current purple, green, blue and yellow striped bedspread, dark blue with red and white stripes pillow case, and patchwork blanket of God knows what eye-piercing colours will yet again suffice. I've yet to ask my dad who's the actual one giving the money, so i can still hope and pray that i'll have a room i don't mind forsaking my home-room for. Me and Shivram are sharing the master bedroom which is HUGE, and the attached toilet (OUR toilet) looks FINE :) We have a built in wardrobe, though the color scheme of it seems slightly distasteful to Shivram (i didn't notice though coz i was too excited hatching my vision of our new room =D).

And since i've always been rambling on and on about cleanliness here at College Green, they claim that now that this house is technically ours, cleaning will now be higher up the priority list. I certainly hope so, otherwise all our visions of The house are nothing but empty dreams. They went on and on about the decor of the hall and stuff, which i find really fascinating. They want to paste posters of classic rock bands all over one face of the wall in the hall, including big names like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and of course Guns n Roses. Undi the X-Box owner insists he will NOT live in a house without bean bags, which brings us to the question of where do we get bean bags... The whole house is air-conditioned, and apparently the landlord is providing us with a television, beds and the other essentials. Ooh I'm looking forward to this, i really am.

But first, the exams.

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