Monday, February 10, 2003

Oh United... how disappointed i was to see you crumble to a draw to those blue shadows... why? I was SO proud to be a United fan when i saw the sheer quality of the team in the first half... the range of those lobs, the accuracy of those passes, the ingenuity of those runs... why did you let the foot off the gas in the second half? Revenge was written all over the media, but a draw is certainly not sweet enough to my liking... I still stand behind you, but i certainly do not know how to convey my disappointment of not having exacted revenge, plus we didn't force ARSEnal to work for their money either, and now all we can hope for is Newcastle doing their job. To heck with the referee, he's a dick, but even then we had more than enough chances to have made sure City shut up and shut up good. Especially the Ryan Giggs and goalkeeper one on one, somehow i couldn't understand why we lost out so easily there... I didn't see too many Silvestre overlaps this time which have devastated defenses time and time again, and though Gary Neville did try to help out offensively, i'd say his overlaps lacked the surge Silvestre had, nor the penetrating ability. And i was slightly let down when Ruud was at his usual best when he went round 3 defenders but somehow couldn't apply a finish.

Credit had to be given to Rio, Wes and Roy though who were rock solid at the back. I'd say the trio were more than sufficient to starve the much hyped about partnership between Anelka and Fowler the possession they needed to even get into the penalty box. Offensively, Ruud and Beckham really shone in my opinion. Ruud consistently made the back 3's lives hell, and Beckham was always menacing, always ready to go out on the break, making sure City defenders had to worry about his trademark corner flag lobs. Some fans claimed that Roy Keane should retire. I disagree, though he couldn't motivate United forward enough i agree, but i think he still worked hard and nicked balls whenever City got cocky and shoved a red hot poker into United's butts and made them surge forward (only to an unspectacular ending).

I certainly hope this bitter after-taste would ring bells in United's dressing room for them to kick ARSEnal SO hard they'll wish they had never came. But considering United kicked their butts the last time they met, i believe it would be one heck of a match as Arsenal aren't the kind of team that sticks their tails between their feet and go quietly. The quadruple is within sights this season, but i don't really care where the silverware goes, as long as United don't play half-hearted matches like the most recent one anymore. Fight on United, coz though when you start winning trophies again there'll be a sudden emergence of idiotic "we support the winning team whoever it is" fans and that totally irritates us loyal fans, AND it bad names us fans coz brainless fans flying other flags generalize all United fans. Every team has their fair share of such fans, but strangely its ALWAYS Untied fans who have to take such shit, because United is a branded label? Because of United's merchandising capabilities? Because of David Beckham? I am pretty sure when Arsenal took the trophy last season they won a lot of converts, including the loser on Perfect Ten's Five Guys and a Girl who threw away Everton when they needed him most, but strangely no one complains... I used to know a whole bunch of arseholes who claimed to fly Liverpool's flag in the most dire of situations, singing "U'll never walk alone" as their mantra, 2 of them changed jerseys now that Liverpool (and the club they changed to support when Liverpool came in runners up last season) no longer spot the consistency to challenge the numero uno spot this season. Why doesn't anyone complain about THEM? Oh is it because they now support Arsenal? Oh so that's alright? But woah Hell rains when they support Manchester United, ESPECIALLY when they're in top flight. And when these fans surface, not only the loyal circle gets pelted, the TEAM gets it as well. Oh when we were winning trophies, everyone couldn't find a reason, just as long as everyone knew that they felt that Man U sucked. And when Man U slowed down a little after 6 seasons in high gear, everyone goes all hoo-yah about Man U being sensationalized, being a team full of very lucky players etc. I personally don't care what you think, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as long as you keep it to yourself and not bad mouth us nor the team. I had made this clear to my room-mate coz i had had enough of his "ooh Barthez is a monkey",  "Blanc is a walking punching bag" etc. We praise our teams (he supports Arsenal), but we don't bad mouth each other's teams, and we remain friends even over the topic of soccer.

I will stand behind United whether they have Beckham or not, whether they are winning trophies or not, whether they're 1st or 20th, and that way i'll stay.

Dr@n|xX at 1:13 AM