Friday, February 07, 2003

The new year's come and gone. A very quiet one for me, nor was it a very lucrative one either. But its nice to meet your cousins after so long, talk about absolutely nothing at all etc. I'd say this was easily the quietest new year I've had for the past 19 years of my life. Even with some unexpected and uncalled for occurrences last year, at least all my cousins came down and reunited for the first time in almost a decade. Every year one cousin will not be around, be it because his family are visiting other relatives, or that they didn't come down for the reunion at all. So though last year due to some unanticipated chain of events none of us "kids" were allowed to go out, it conveniently meant that all us
cousins could sit down and talk about nothing :) We chatted and chatted till about 4+ in the morning, when my Godmother (who incidentally is my 2nd aunt) called and forcefully requested my god-brother fetch my god-sister back to their home. My grandmother upon hearing of this the next morning, raved and ranted about us not having the chance to meet up and talk like this for years, and my godmother casually calls and INSISTS on breaking it up, her reasoning being its not as if all of us were out in some coffee-shop in the middle of the night, we were all safe and sound in my grandmother's house where nothing could possibly happen to us, but NO, my godmother HAD to insist her precious daughter was under her thumb. Ah well, so much for a gathering.

This year? Ha, no such luck. Even relatives came in their ones and twos instead of the packs and hordes in the New-Years-of-old. Meaning my income this year of course came in the "ka-ching."( yes you saw a full stop there) rather than the "Thank you God, oh Thank you God....."( with tears of pure ecstasy to add to atmosphere). Even the shows these year on TV ( yes, my new year was THAT quiet, I had time to watch TV rather than rock my brains out with my cousins) were close to pathetic. I watched some silly mahjong show Andy Lau acted in, and worst of all I watched the extremely hilarious but pure no-brainer Shaolin Soccer. And guess wat? Having nothing better to do, I actually enjoyed the shows.

My bratty five-year-old sister? Oh every new year's like a trip to the moon. She had SO MUCH fun she probably couldn't remember her surname. And on the day we had to leave back for JB, she suddenly realized life just wasn't worth living anymore, and sat at the back of the car lamenting on all the fun she could no longer have now that she had her back to the farewell waves from her playmates. I don't blame her. I felt exactly the same way she did when I could get away for digging my nose in public by being "too young to know". Being the only child meant that such fun came in a whole year enough times for me to count with one hand. For her its almost as if she were the only child. 14 years difference of age meant that I sure as hell don't consider playing with her as an extremely fun thing to do, and considering she drives me up walls, I try to stay away from her Barbies, her Duplos, her make-believe medical kit and her tea time set.

I watched American Idol out of pure curiosity and boredom today. Boy was Simon one heck of a stinker. Yeah he's honest and direct, and yeah its good that someone plays the bad guy, but i think his comments could've been reworded to not shatter the poor person's self-esteem. Someone sms'ed the show saying if you want to be a star, then u have to deal with the criticism. Correct, i agree with you, but reading it from the tabloids and having someone slosh it in your face is something quite different. VERY different. Paula (yes i agree she still looks very radiant after all these years - you go girl! =D ) is of course, the quintessential "Oh wow, God did a good job on you didn't He?" good girl. And i totally agree with the 2 finalists who got into the final 10, thank you America for not raising another Britney Spears, which was wat i saw in Kim. I admire her enthusiasm and concern for the other contestants, if it were genuine i respect you, if it were all just a facade, then i admire you for your excellent acting as well, and therefore American Idol isn't for you coz u'll probably have a better future in politics. Charles was a good singer i'd hand it to him, but i personally didn't quite like his style, but that's just me. I thought that black girl, the one who sang a very upbeat song and the one who Simon said whose song stunk, was pretty good and deserved better, at least better than Kim in my opinion. But i'm sorry Kimberly, i mean if this world had no Britney Spears i might've supported you, but thanks to her, there's no more room for this kind of style anymore (i'm beginning to sound like Simon minus the accent).

Watched Shanghai noon Knights (thank you Charmane for proof-reading it ;D ) yesterday. Totally enjoyed the show though i read quite some disappointing reviews about it. Loved the fight scenes, especially the one where Roy (Owen Wilson) clothes-lined the punk and took his hat, for once the loser gets a cool 5 seconds of fame. Loved the "Singing in the rain" adaptation as well =D Nearly died of laughter when Owen and Jackie fell through the roof into the Queen's carriage and Owen still carried on screaming as if he were falling. Come to think of it, although Owen isn't exactly a very good actor in my opinion, i think he has a GREAT future in doing scream scenes. I mean i LOVED his natural flair when he saw the eyes in the picture move and portrayed a real and instinctive fear :) All those silly punts at reality were though quite SHEESH, but added to the fun of the movie. I mean crashing your car into Stonehenge and complaining about some idiots leaving piles of rock lying around would probably be the last thing you'd think. But ooh, i loved Lord Rathbone (however you spell it). Damn i love his pompous Oh-BehaaAaaVe accent, and his menacing but oh so cool demeanor. "Regretfully i have to decline Your Majesty's venerated offer for i have to keep a vigilant eye on proceedings." DAMN, i mean any other villain would've probably pissed in his plans at such a turn of events knowing someone was going to blow the Queen's and YOUR head off. And if you're starting to gain some respect for me by thinking i watched the show only for the jokes and action, throw it away, coz FANN WONG IS HOT HOT HOT!!!!! ;D Now we know what happened to Jack The Ripper :)

Speaking of which, my house in college green has recently been infected by a very peculiar disease. I do believe there's no cure for it, but overtime it may wear away. Doctors do not have any clue where it originates, nor do they have a proper name for it, but we like to call it "Liv-Tyler-O-Babee-babee-babee-titus-X" =D Of late we've been eating Grace Stamper, drinking Jewel Valentine, and sleeping Arwen Evenstar. Step aside (maybe temporarily before The Return of The King arrives) Natalie Portman, the pouty Elven queen arrives.

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