Thursday, February 27, 2003

And that was ant outbreak exhibit number 4 so far... highest bid for Mr. Baygon, Mr. & Mrs. Broom and Dustpan, and Mr. FLOOD. Going, going, GoNe.

Those damn ants never give up. My housemate asked me if the ants will ever leave us alone, i told him to look around. The fourth major ant outbreak in house 2 so far, and this time we were fed up enough to ensure the ants are smoked out of whichever hole they crawled out from, swept away their carcasses and made sure this flood was BIG enough to destroy whatever Ark they'd be hiding in. I was pissed enough having the house dirty most of the time, but the point i've realized is that its not my housemates who are actually dirtying it, its the OTHER hostel people who happily come over to our place, have their dinners, suppers or just f**king laze around, leave their shit here, bags, rubbish, clothes, footwear even. Eating at our place's fine with me of course, but it irritates me when they argue over WHO did the dishes LAST time and who should do it THIS time, and when they cannot come to a conclusion, they leave it in the sink for the ants to roost. And at the end of the day, my housemates have to clean up coz its OUR house, and at the end of the day we don't benefit from the dishes lying there dirty, EVEN if they were the ones who did the dishes only just recently so technically they shouldn't be doing it. I mean WHAT is SO disgusting about doing dishes? Is it SO DETESTABLE to want to shirk your duty?Shivram my housemate (coincidentally the Chakka who dressed up to try to win the X-Box back on Patron's Day =D this is for you Shivu if u're reading this ;P) says he hates doing dishes, but for most of what i've seen so far, he's always the one doing the dishes at the end of the day. The person who hates doing dishes ends up DOING them almost every time, ironic u might say, but i'd think its pretty unfair. A few girls who came over and ate with them on more than a few occasions, why is it i've never seen THEM clean up? At least the other guys who came i've seen them do it a few times, but the girls? Forgive me if i'm blind, but i've never seen THEM do it.... I've heard one of them argue that'll she'll only do HER dishes even though it had been agreed that one person cooks, another person cleans up, and everyone switches roles every other cooking day. Oh so she wants a new set of rules for herself is that it? As long as she's not the one cleaning then the original rules can apply?

Residents of house 2 do their cleaning up weekly, but every time we clean up, this anomaly corrects itself after about 2 hours or so. Yes, the house being clean IS actually an abnormal occurrence. The shoes will remain on the shoe rack and neat for about 5 mins, the sofas and chairs will look arranged for about half an hour, the house will be free of odours for about an hour, and the floor will sparkle for about two hours. We get to enjoy this divine peace of mind for about a grand total of 3 minutes. The rugs we bought when we first moved in don't seem to serve much purpose. The "Home Sweet Home" rug at the door is always in a messy heap BEHIND the door as someone/s seems to not like it very much and unconsciously uses it as a soccer ball and the corner connecting the wall and the door is the goal. And now that the rug is no longer visible, the boundary of where footwear ends also vanishes. You have idiots who claim their slippers are clean and click-clock their slippers all the way up the staircase, and they wear the SAME CLEAN slippers out to wherever they go within a radius of a half hour walk. Oh hell no, school's REALLY dirty see, so the slippers stay HOME where its CLEAN, but my SHOES i wear to SCHOOL are DIRTY, so you don't see ME wearing shoes INTO your house do you? Oh my house's already dirty you say? Oh so your dirtying it further is inconsequential then? The mat in the kitchen in front of the sink is there so when we wash up and the water splashes out of the sink onto the floor, there's something to wipe it up with so there won't be conspicuous footprint marks on the white tiles. Philip was the one who originally suggested this, and I agree its a great idea, but SOMEONE (without evidence i cannot allege that they are the same person) without fail loves to see rugs in messy heaps, this time the little cranny under the cupboard where cockroaches like to use as air-raid shelters is the goal.

And as i mentioned before, my housemates live in a world with absolutely no evil intentions, no burglars, no robbers, no thieves. The jersey that had magically disappeared from my table that used to be in front of my window while i slept was definitely misplaced by me coz i probably sleepwalk, and no, it cannot possibly be thieves, no it CAN'T be, there is no such thing. I'm not sure what they think of this incident now, perhaps they now think it probably WAS an alien with evil intentions and was very fascinated by my jersey that had the same colour as their skin, but it definitely couldn't have been human coz humans are all good. I can't remember what the conversation was, but somehow a few months ago Shivram had exclaimed "Oh you found the jersey?", i know he was concerned and honestly would've been happy if i did find it back, but somehow my subconsciousness intepreted it as though he was saying
"Oh so you found out where u put the jersey while u were sleeping-walking?". The front door is virtually perpetually unlocked day or night, even on a few occasions when there was absolutely no one at home. Thank God Philip is a very understanding person and comprehends my concerns, and closes the windows and locks our room door everytime he leaves, otherwise i'd have more aliens looking for my shirts that have matching skin colours. Just last week my hostel-mate from house 9 was playing with Shivram's laptop, and he left it on the sofa and called it a night, and it stayed on the sofa with the front door unlocked till afternoon. The house 9'ner was obviously concerned coz he had left it on the sofa, and he called me in the evening and asked if i had taken it. Thank God it was my resident assistant (sort of like a warden in case most of the readers are wondering) who had come in in the afternoon, found the house was empty and front door unlocked, he took the laptop and put it in the storeroom out of sight and out of any alien's minds. Shivram obviously got a huge shock and a huge relief to find his three thousand dollar laptop still in his posession, but i have a feeling it has hardened his resolve that there really ARE no bad people in this world. Although as a safety precaution he conscientiously starts to keep his laptop in his room as far as possible now, the front door remains unlocked coz only aliens will even think of wanting to come in to look for matching colour shirts, but aliens are rare see, coz they only come in their little saucers flying around in the sky, so we'd definitely see them coming, and when we do, we'll lock the door and close the windows so they can't borrow our things. Simple logic, Watson.

Phew, that felt good. Letting it all out and releasing all the pent up frustration does feel good. And i don't give a damn what other people say. I've been branded sewage boy, bloggee and other poetic incantations, and teased about the sarcasm on my site about me being a wannabe writer/critic or Judge Simon on American Idol (which to me is an impossibly silly show by the way), do i look like i care? And to you Man Utd haters out there, up yours, coz the more you criticize, the stronger fan i am, coz to me, all your actions is evidence of your jealousy. As Moby said, "I like it when people criticize me and say my music sucks, because then i know they are actually listening to my music."

My girlfren's O'level results are out tomolo, may God Bless my Soleil please.

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