Thursday, January 16, 2003

Woah been a long time since i last posted anything. Terriblement désolé! School's started for 2 weeks now, and so far everything's going pretty ok. I have a feeling this term is gonna be REALLY boring looking at the subjects i have this term and the professors i have as well... ;( Got a new housemate, this guy from Perlis. Extremely good badminton player, should ask him to start coaching me =)

Business Law : Fantastic subject so far. Very broad, very loose, room to argue for your point, yet not TOO broad for you to lose sight of your target. Very encouraging professor as well. We had lots of fun in our first lesson when we were discussing this nudity thing. Some public nuisance act or something (i'm getting old), you cannot dress in a manner that will offend in a place that is open to public view. So we were arguing a few scenarios where Ah Meng likes to walk around naked in his flat, and his flat has a lot of windows that people in the next block have a clear view of his -ahems-. Is that a crime? DUH. What if Ah Meng has a kitchen that the people in the next block had a clear view of, but it was a HOT day and he decide to cook naked. And would it make a difference if he did not KNOW that people could see him (he'd be pretty stupid of course, windows work 2 ways u noe dum-dum, they're for you to
look OUT as well as for people to look IN). And if someone were to complain about it, lets say Ah Ling complained that it disgusted her, but apparently she was the ONLY one who complained, can we then say that the PUBLIC was offended by his manner of dressing then? A few of the delinquents in class eg. ME, turned the tables and argued that Ah Ling probably enjoyed looking at him for all we care, she just didn't admit it (i mean WHY would she? "Your honour, although i have sworn to tell the truth, only the truth and the whole truth in this Court, and my testimony was that i was completely disgusted by his nudity, i actually enjoyed every moment of it......") Fun. Definitely :)

Financial Accounting : Bleahz. A guy not much older than me is actually my professor. Graduated from Nanyang Tech Uni with First Class Honours (yeah yeah.....) in -check this out-1999. Bloody reads off his slides (i can READ mind you), his notes are straight off from the textbook (someone should sue him for copyright infringement darn it), and uses the word OK as a form of beginning, end and punctuation. "OK, liabilites are called credit-balance accounts, OK, because liabilities and stockholders' equity usually have a credit balance, OK?" Notice that sentence didn't make much sense at all either even to accountants. Yep, that's my prof alright.

Business, Government and Society : I seriously don really know what's going on in this course at all. Our professor is simply BRILLIANT. Seriously. Speaks Queen's English, tells a joke and still pull a long face, quotes facts and information from the top of his head like it didn't matter, and has this particularly sardonic sense of humour. If u REALLY want to know how good he is, i dare you to search Pang Eng Fong in Google. Or if u're too lazy, just check this out. All that aside, he's SERIOUSLY boring. Talks as if he's afraid of being misquoted by ensuring no one can hear him. And he being the intellectually superior being he is, claims anyone born after 1982 has an attention span of no more than 16mins, every now
and then he raises his voice over the most insignificant of words such as FOR or BE to try in vain to regain our attention from us making visions of ourselves pulling out a tommy gun and splattering his 11.5% usage brain (most people don't use more than 10% of their brains - just a matter-of-fact note for those who are intellectually inferior of course) all over the wall.

Analytical Skills : I've only had one class so far, and it seems ok to me, contrary to what i've heard of the professor. Our first lesson was the usual "What i expect from you for the rest of the term" flish-flash, then a small little exercise which was absolutely interesting. I hope it continues this way. Here's the question, slightly
bastardized of course due to my aging brain and slightly less than 10% usage brain :

At a certain prison, there was an inmate with normal vision, an inmate with sight in only one eye, and a blind inmate. The warden tells them that he will put a hat on each of them out of 3 white hats and 2 red hats. If they could guess correctly the colour of their hat, they're be free to go, but to prevent wild guesses, he'd execute them for a
wrong answer. He put them in a triangle so that they could see the other 2 hats but not his own. The guy with normal vision went first, and he obviously couldn't guess. The guy with only one eye couldn't either, but the blind guy, full of confidence proclaims "The colour of my hat is ___________." What was the colour of his hat and how did was he able to guess?

A few points for you to note in case this question even excites ur brain cells, since u'd probably ask the same questions we did. Yes the blind guy guessed correctly, and yes, the answer in the blank is a colour. And yes, u're supposed to infer from why the 2 previous guys were uncertain of their own colour to come to the conclusion of how the blind guy managed to guess his own hat colour.

If no one posts up the answer in my tag-board anyway, and if there's enough response in my tag-board, i'll post the answers up the next time i update, hopefully sometime soon ;P

Finally, hey people, check this site out. My house-mate introduced this to me. Sick, gross and gory, but insanely funny with a strange cute factor. You have been warned. =) -= Happy Tree Friends =- Au revoir pour maintenant.

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