Monday, January 06, 2003

Well school officially starts tomorrow, and its a free day for me coz I planned my timetable to have Mondays free = long weekend. And man am I overflowing with aNtIcIpAtIoN. I have waited for so long throughout the whole holidays for this day to come, and finally it looms ahead. Its this strange amalgamation of both excitement and apprehension of the life I'm going to lead from now on. Yep, its back to my shitty diet (not that I had a much better diet back when I was home anyway, my mum can't cook for nuts, she hates cooking, and half the time my meals consists of bread or biscuits becoz she was too lazy to cook. Which makes me envious coz my housemates certainly brought a few kgs of flab as souvenirs from their holidays back with their families.). I either don't eat enough coz my meals are so irregular either because of school or that I just don't have the energy left to cook or walk to the food centre nearby to eat; or I don eat enough nutritious food for me to gain any substantial weight at all. A few friends who've met me recently (as in for the past 2 months) claimed that I've grown skinnier. Perhaps they're right. My watch (which was my pride and joy when I earned enough money to finally afford a Swatch Irony without squeezing some from my parents) was a snug fit on my left wrist, loose enough to slide around a little, but not too tight as to leave the Swatch logo and a "stainless steel" on my wrist for the next hour or so. Of late the watch slides down to half my arm length and even spins AROUND my wrist and plays hide and seek whenever I want it to tell time, it defiantly shows me the clip holding it in place with a smug "Swatch" expression on it.

Diet aside, it'll be back to the routine of wake up, go school, try to study but end up playing, sleep, wake up etc. Quite evidently this needs some revamping, if I'm going to make the money spent on my education of any worth. I'm all armed with my new 2003 diary, a new addition to my daily roster of things to bring to school. I will force myself to record everything in my diary, from homework all the way to my mum asking me to buy undergarments for my sis (if she ever does). No more forgetting meetings, no more forgetting assignments. Well I'll try not to, whatever the outcome at least I know I've tried. Waking up will need some training coz somehow my brain has incorporated alarm bell ringings into my dreams such that they do not seem out of place, perhaps I'm in school and suddenly realize the bell is ringing for a fire, and we run around in panic, but I bump into say a VERY pretty girl "oh HeLLo... can I direct you somewhere miss?...." and the alarm bell slowly fades away... an hour later I wake up wondering whether there was a fire at all, and only because this time I'm awake due to the ringing of my phone with some very displeased team-mates on the other end of the line. Ah yes, welcome back to school Yee Sen.....

Went out with Ahmed today. Caught up on so much stuff, as usual, poking fun at our previous schools, ACJC, the staff of ACJC, the ACJC compound, the students of ACJC, did I mention we laughed our head off talking about our motley crew of teachers back in ACJC? I mean yeah, thanks for getting us this far and all, but hey, no matter how you look at it, we've got a pervert for a maths teacher, a totally absent-minded "homework? wat homework?" economics teacher, a tai-tai for physics, and a frigid though dedicated (I'm saying this coz I was the class-representative, sorta like the monitor, so I do respect her) form teacher. He went on about how -ahem- attractive he was back in the Maldives, and how he felt good back in Maldives coz apparently the girls there like mini-skirts and skin tight jeans, unlike local girls who were either too hot to handle with their purple hair or too boring with their I-am-so-ashamed-of-my-body clothes and i-may-not-live-in-Afghanistan-but-i-sure-as-hell-am-not-showing-you-my-legs jeans. Well though I may not totally agree with him, especially on the part of him being attractive, he does have a point of girls being very conservative here. As a friend had once aptly brought up, girls here don't give guys enough -crudely put- opportunities, which is probably why guys here are despos or so I've heard. Very controversial I'd agree, but me being a guy I certainly wouldn't being at the frontline of the war for women with longer skirts.

Checked up on that M1 promotional One+One Supplementary line. Very tempting $5 monthly subscription and the negation of a lot of initial start-up costs such as admin, but as usual full of catches. I did not qualify coz I was already using a promotional package, which makes me wonder why are they so discriminative, coz if I'm already a customer, hey, if u can squeeze more money out of me, why not? But no, for once they are righteous enough to tell me "I'm sorry sir, you have to be with at least the Prime plan to be able to sign up for the supplementary line." In any case I already pay a painful fortune to M1 every month, so fine, if u don't want more of my money (not that I had much to start with anyway), that's alright, maybe it'll be put to better use with Pod then.

"That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way."    -Doris Lessing

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