Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Sheesh... its a few more minutes to a brand new year, and gee, i'm here on my com, writing my blog. Makes me wonder if i've got better things to do with my life =p

School's starting soon, and for some reason, i actually feel excited about it. What with all the boredom and the sense of entrapment that's been lingering around my head like vultures all holiday. Botched outings, totally boring festive season family dinners and so many more mishaps are certainly helping fuel my enthusiasm for school.

Today was a more fruitful day than usual. My dad brought back 2 huge bookshelves yesterday, and guess WHO'S the one supposed to fix it up ( its those DIY ones u see).. spent about 2 hours on the 2 bookshelves. My dad has always had a flair for both the unusual and the unpredictable. He's the kind that can call home and ask us to wait for him to buy back dinner for the whole family, and he happily comes back 2 hours later, EMPTY-HANDED, resulting in a piss-poor Maggee-mee SUPPER, to the joy of my sister (as all kids are, instant noodles are just somehow more palleting than food); OR, just when u think he'd do the same thing, u prepare urself for a LONG hungry night and start stuffing on biscuits and snacks so that u'd last the 2 hour wait, switch on the telly and watch the climatic action movie on HBO and just when the door creak opens and the hero's about to jump in all guns blazing to save the damsel in distress, HeY-hO he crashes through the chimney immediately after hanging up, silver sleigh bells and all, with SIX packets of food (for a family of 4) slung over his shoulder, usually just as distasteful as maggee mee (imagine dry dry dry DRY (grrrrrr) white rice with fried fish, DEEP (and i mean DEEEEEeeeEEEeeeEEeP) fried till there's so little uncharred flesh left to savor.) Yes, but as i was saying, he brought back 2 bookshelves, totally without warning, without even noticing that the house had books the day before, all of a sudden, he reverses the car into the porch instead of his usual haphazard "i-need-to-go-to-the-toilet-and-FAST" methodology, mutters a grunt that vaguely sounds like my name which i totally filter out because to me i just thought he was clearing his throat until my mum corrects me, and strangely he helps me carry the 2 huge shelves out of the car, instead of either showing his Herculean strength or his Napoleonic commanding skills.

And so today, i get kicked out of bed an hour early coz my mum says my dad casually left orders to fix up the shelves. Initially i grumbled and silently cursed everything for taking me away from my bolster, but when i started working on the shelf, i cursed everything openly. Staring at an instruction sheet that made absolutely no sense coz it made no distinction of which planks were for which, and which nails for which, so i spent the first 45 mins counting nails, making sure i knew which went where, seperating the planks, and using the instruction sheet as a fan rather than for reference. But thankfully it was quite easy once everything was sorted out, and everything proceeded quite smoothly, without any sudden "Oh SHIT" realizations of a missing nail, a misplaced plank, or the conclusion as to why there is an extra dowel. The second shelf was even less of an effort as i finished it in half an hour. Makes me think, if i had only had one practice earlier, and i could do it in half and hour, i wonder how long a serious professional would've taken, 10mins? But when u're done, and u sit back and admire what u've done, boy u feel good. I was extremely proud of my first effort as though i took so long, it was no different from the second effort in terms of quality. Past experience would tell me that my first attempts would always crumble, thankfully the first shelf stands firm, stoutly holding wine bottles for its worth. Hmmm.... now that i think of it, NO BLOODY WONDER my dad bought the shelves, but then again it was my mum who put them there, and my dad had no part in it, so heck, i'm happy i built 2 good shelves, and spent my time differently and more usefully today. =) What a way to end 2002. But i can't say the same for the way i'm starting my 2003...  =|


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