Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Phew TIRING man..... I've had my second lesson of Business, Government & Society, and i take back whatever i said about the prof. He IS brilliant, and he STILL has that sardonic sense of humour. But he wasn't so boring, he got slightly better in the 2nd class. Perhaps because this time the topic wasn't so boring, AND he was genuinely good at provoking your thoughts. Started off with an issue regarding cloning, and coincidently the whole class was totally (and i MEAN totally) against cloning, which suited his aims. He proceeded to wax lyrical about our life experiences, how life has made us who we are, how our diet made us what we are, and how our history has made us who we will be etc. And just when u're beginning to think "here we go again...." he shoots back and says, so even if we can have a genetically identical clone, identical down to the comma and dot on the "i" in our genetic make-up, the point is that our clone cannot relive our life experiences. No Beatles, No BeeGees, No Rolling Stones, No Britney Spears, No Backstreet Gays -i mean boys-, No Monica Lewinsky, No George Bush, and of course most importantly No Saddam Hussein. Even if he (or she) did get that opportunity to live it up, the gap will be there, ask any 30 year-old and compare what a 10 year-old would say about Britney Spears. So we have a clone who isn't really our clone. He looks like us, but may be fatter because of a different diet, may have
a scar coz he fell off the bike and you didn't, he then has a phobia of riding bikes which u would casually snigger at. So if he (or she) is different from us, why do we call it a clone? If so, why should we be against cloning? Of which i could see most people agreed with him, but were just SO totally against the word cloning. If he had used the word copying or cutting & pasting of DNA instead, maybe we would've given in :)

I bought a new Micro Hifi system to replace my old mini compo that had been dead for eons over the weekend. I managed to convince my dad to pay for it, so hooray, i can put my ang pao money to other uses :) I'm quite happy with it, though occasionally i think back and wonder why i didn't buy the Sony one i've been drooling over all month. Strangely i can't find the damn model on the internet, i can only find it on this brochure i got, and according to the fella down at the shop he says the
Sony mini compo costs RM300+, and its got pretty nifty features, though i wasn't too sure on the sound quality it was going to produce. The one i got for my room was this
Denon one, and the model closest to the one i got is here. Its not exactly the one there, coz mine is the ancestor to that one, so mine has a cassette deck, and has i'd say less than half the features there, but damn it can make SOUND man. I love the sound system it produces, i mean heck, Denon had always been known for their speakers, not their hifis :) It fits with the decor of my room as well, and it cost me only RM380, which come to think of it is about the same price as the Sony one,
so occasionally i just sit back and wonder u noe.... :|

Yesterday was an event my Uni marked as Patron's Day. I haven't the foggiest idea its significance, all i know they hold it every year, but this year it so happens they used it to launch some new system the school pioneered or something (oh so SUE me for ignorance, bah.. =P ) The theme for this year was "Let's Get Loud", and ooh boy, did people get down and DIRTY man :) The grand prize for the LOUDEST dressed person was a Microsoft X-Box, and the lucky draw grand prize was a 29" Samsung Color TV. My hostel f**kers went ALL THE WAY to get that X-Box. 2 of them cross-dressed, one as a supposed hot babe and the other evidently a flat-chested, hairy-legged, husky-voiced transvestite (of which in either Tamil or Hindi they call it Chakka apparently). The rest of them were dressed up for weddings, full-blooded saris and whatever the guys wear, all sequined and shiny and oh u noe.... The other ahem, err, woman, insisted he (or she?) was a Miss and available, all geared up with spaghetti straps, toilet-paper-stuffed bras, a flimsy looking batik skirt
of some sort that was SO obviously haphazardly tied up to make sure it DOES fall off, and to top it all off, platforms. The woman won the X-Box (mumble grumble curse curse cough cough). The other finalists were this guy (very popular apparently) wearing this neon orange suit, making him look like a pest exterminator, and his reason for his being "loud" was that people could see him from JB if he were in that suit. There was a cowboy with pink hair, and a few others that didn't really catch my attention. The way for the finalists to win was the amount of cheering they got, obviously the NONSENSE my friend the woMAN did gave him a disgusting lead over everyone else, like TOTALLY stripping down to his tights under the skirt, and lying on the floor, legs all wide and open and ok, i shall stop here, basically in my opinion he won the X-Box skirt down - i mean hands down. And considering that his winning the X-Box is beneficial to ALL hostel people, i have a feeling this term my resolution to study hard will take a LITTLE bit of a battering... :|

There were bands invited to play at Patron's Day and i must say a few of them were outstanding. East India Company was first up, a guitar duo playing contemporary and alternative hits like John Mayor, Coldplay and Train. Nice guitar and vocals but just didn't really catch attention. Next was Soul Circle, now they were GOOD, they basically revamped old hits like "Killing Me Softly" and "My Girl" and other oldies into very progressive R&B and Acid Jazz styles. TOTALLY cool and beyond words. They were so good they got everyone up from their bums and dancing till everyone was shouting "We Want More" when they ended. All the high people started doing all kinds of shit, ESPECIALLY the 2 idiotic cross-dressers who did they nonsensical Egyptian or whatever they were dances to the music, completely out of context and out of beat. But next up was the main attraction, regional hotshots "Urban Exchange", so when they came up the "We Want More" instantly died out to manic WOOHOO's. Extremely good vocals coupled up with a SMASHING DJ, these guys ROCKED. After that was the lucky draw with some pretty good prizes, compared to my College Prom lucky draw that consisted of food vouchers that we'd never use, here there were VCD players up for grabs and other pretty useful goodies. Of coz the main attraction of the TV was a heart-stopping one, coz the first number picked was scrapped coz apparently no-one claimed it, and when the 2nd number was read out this girl came screaming all the way from the back to the front. Her enthusiasm wasn't even enough for her to PUSH the TV, that's how BIG the damn TV was.... Last up was an all-girl Gothic Rock Group who called themselves Playing In Traffic (PIT, get it soleil? Private joke, ha-ha... nevermind for those who don't get it). They reminded me of early Cranberries coupled up with Garbage and Portis-head, very cool stuff, but by then i was too tired to notice, and the headache of a presentation today, and other school stuff sucked me back to reality (boohoo). Which reminds me, i better get back to my presentation, considering it constitutes 30% of my final grades. Toodle-doo for now.

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