Monday, January 06, 2003

Hey people, check out Charmane's site, and look at her Sunday entry. Quite interesting.
Me? Without my surname, it says i cause a lot of trouble (HELL YEAH!!!), i'm an exciting person ( i hope so =| ), i'm a close-minded person ( hmmm... i'm not too sure about this one ), and i like to work but i always want a break ( i'd agree with Charmane on this, who doesn't? =D ). If with my surname as well, then it clashes a little, coz then it'll be that i have a partier side ( DeFiNiTeLy ;D ), i'm not judgemental ( i'm not? =) ), i'm open-minded (ah-HA, see? clashes here....), and i have excellent ways of viewing people (ooh my head's getting bigger... :p ).

Dr@n|xX at 5:48 PM