Sunday, December 29, 2002

Yay, back in hostel. BROADBAND..... oh HOW much i missed you ;D Must make the most of it coz tomolo it'll be back to 56k-i'd-kill-myself-and-be-reincarnated-thrice-before-my-page-loads internet speeds... boohoo...

My cousin had come down to Spore, and i showed them around town. Boy they could walk, and WALK. :) And probably because they walked around so much, i saw so much stuff and was tempted to buy a lot of stuff. I finally gave into temptation and bought an Espirit sweater. Thankfully it was at 50% discount, and was S$44.50, so i felt quite ok buying it :) I'm quite surprised with myself actually, i've never been known to give into temptation that easily, well at least not for clothes. For ice-cream, hell YES, but clothes?? Hmmm... this is does not bode well..... :D And my cousin and her friend? Oh though my cousin bought the same number of items as me, heck, i do believe she spent like half the amount i spent.... Sheesh, that's embarrassing... a GIRL, the person who wanted to shop in the FIRST place, spending LESS than her GUIDE?!?! What has the world come to?! =D

I wonder what's in store for me on New Year's day. Su Mei invited me to her BBQ at her house, but i'm not very sure because there are so few people at the BBQ that i know, but then again she was so nice as to invite me, and i find it hard to reject her. I personally would like to go down to the Countdown at Sentosa considering i've never gone to anything like that before, so i'd love to go down with some friends and give it a go for at least once in my life. Heck, i'd do ANYTHING other than be with my family for once. My family new years are not any much better than Christmas'. The furthest we'd go would be a lavish dinner at somewhere more up-market than your usual kopitiam, if we're lucky it'd be one of those countdown dinners with fantastic (and sometimes exciting) lucky draws with simple but satisfying prizes; if we're unlucky (me that is), we'd just eat dinner at a restaurant with a friend of my dad's family, usually either without any children, or are not present (now they are BLOODY smart people), or have children half my age, and me? Oh i just sit there and smile and look educated and cultured so my father can let the world know i'm an undergraduate... yay... isn't that fun? Wish i had some people i could go crazy with at Sentosa, and hell, i don't think i'd need booze or even pot to get high, just having fun MYSELF for a change is enough of a drug to keep me in the Valkyrian lands and maybe share a joke or two with the Valhalla.

My girlfriend's appeal was rejected, so she'll be going to Anderson. Well at least she can take her dream triple science, that much i'm glad :) At least she won't have to deal with Economics, of which so far i've yet to hear of a girl who actually enjoys the subject... I believe she'll do better in the actual O's, then she may be able to make it to her dream HC. But now that NJ rejected her appeal, i'm beginning to reconsider the sweet words i had said about them previously.... :p

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