Thursday, December 19, 2002

Well, got my results for
the finals. I passed everything, and I miraculously passed management accounting
with a scrape through D. Did below expectation
for all the rest of my subjects except Economics which I’ve always had a fairly
steady grip in. The result slip says I have a good academic standing, but
looking at my grades, I kind of felt a tinge of sarcasm in that statement. Guess
its back to the drawing board, the study style last term didn’t work, so I’ll
have to come up with a new revision blueprint.


God this holiday is boring.
Supposed to have an outing last weekend, some OUCHing it turned out to be,
wasted my effort to come to Singapore at all. It started off as a chalet, of
which apparently most of the gang were very keen on, so the organizer saw the
green light. Three quarters way thru planning, strangely people kept
disappearing into the shadows. According to the organizer, people didn’t reply
to her msgs, they suddenly can’t be around at that time, they can’t stay
overnight and other reasons, leaving only a few people to stay overnight, and
hence to foot the bill, which would amount to a hefty 50plus per person.
Unfortunately we had to cancel it, but in place we decided on a simple outing,
which would be more convenient for everyone, even those who can’t stay
overnight. We decided it would be ice-skating, and I made my way down to Spore,
brought a whole shit-load of stuff to dump in hostel, then on the morning of the
outing, 20minutes before I left for Jurong, it was cancelled because of poor
attendance. A few more people couldn’t come, leaving only 3 people going, of
which one was not even skating because his feet hurt but was very sporting and
didn’t mind turning up.

I’m not blaming anyone
because I have faith in my friends that they honestly had commitments and
couldn’t turn up. But I think I cannot hide my disappointment of the way things
turned out, and my having specially made the trip down to Singapore for this and
instead used this just to enjoy broadband for a few days rather than the
warmth of a cold,
Christmas in the company of friends.

Dr@n|xX at 12:43 PM