Thursday, December 26, 2002

Man this holiday is SO boring I wish school would start soon. But when school starts and everything starts getting hectic I wish the holidays would come soon. I suppose its the cycle.

My gf got her postings, and she's posted to AJ. Hmm, not sure how she'd fit into AJ, considering the impression I have of AJ for my part. And I wonder why this time round appeals were SO short. I would've thought normally they'd give about a week for people to appeal, but strangely appeals were over before u could even recover from the shock of your postings. Hwachong as usual, the stuck-up people they have always been (oh, go ahead, sue me), were strict and firm on adhering to the deadline, and refused all appeals. NJ (thank GOD) were still entertaining appeals. She loves bio and wanted to take triple science, but considering her appeal, if she does get into NJ, her grounds for asking for trip sci is weak, so I suggested she take econs instead of physics. Wonder how she'd take it :) But I really wonder why the grace period was so short this time. I mean what about the people who happened to be out of town at the time. Oh so they'd have to do with whatever screw-ups the system spat out? I mean for my case, if I had been away when the PAE postings were out, and they only gave me 3 days to appeal, God, I'd have still been in Yishun. With 10 points. Not that I have anything against YJ, just that it wasn't ANY of my choices, and I was just shocked at why in God's name did they kick me there when I would've qualified for so many other schools. Never had a good impression of NJ myself. They rejected my appeal, that's fine, but it was HOW they rejected my appeal that turned me off. The teacher misplaced my appeal, so they didn't call me to inform me of the outcome of my appeal. That's fine, since I mean perhaps God meant it that way, but I would've at the VERY least deserved an apology right? You casually misplaced my form, so the appeal committee did not review my appeal and give me a micron of a chance, even if u stand firm and say that the deadline is over and you cannot entertain anymore appeals and hence cannot give me a so-called fair-trial, an apology is all I ask. No. None. Nada. Nil. Nope. Not Applicable. The teacher who actually handled my appeal didn't even care. My gf specifically told me not to swear on my blog for everyone to see, so I will honour her request. They then left me in the lurch, and at that devastating time, it felt as if they had kicked me out of their door, hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on their knob, and left a bouncer at the door to make sure I couldn't even spit at their doormat. But this time, because they so nicely accepted my gf's appeal even after the deadline, perhaps I'll give them a chance :p even if it were just for show, meaning the minute we left the door, the appeal form went straight to the shredder, then they casually call us a week later to tell us it was unsuccessful, but for the sake of their giving my gf hope, I'll erase that bad memory for now. :D

Seasons greetings to all. May your holiday be a better one than mine ;P AdiĆ³s para ahora

p.s For those who were wondering, help came from the most unexpected place to ensure I didn't get stuck (well it felt that way at that time) at YJ for the next 2 years, but that is another story for another time ;) Disclaimer : No hard feelings to any AJ, YJ or NJ people out there reading this, these are just personal experiences and opinions, and are in no way threatening nor malignant.

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