Sunday, October 27, 2002

Sheesh, this is the SECOND time i forgot my Internet Banking ID AND password...... cannot believe this, had to call the bank, and they had to like verify all kinds of silly questions just to make sure i was me.... and its not that its a password and ID ASSIGNED to me, i bloody MADE it myself, AND i forgot it..... ;( i think i'm getting old :(

And i bought a new mouse, an optical one coz i'm getting to lazy to clean those mouseballs...... bought a cute little Blaze mouse that went perfectly with the color scheme of my laptop, and guess wat, it didn't work properly, it wasn't responsive. So i went back to the shop to make a complaint, and WOW, guess wat their reason was.... My table was too smooth.... they can't change the mouse for me because i should change my TABLE to a ROUGHER one.... BOY was i mad, of ALL the excuses they gave me this, i raised HELL in the shop coz i bloody paid 60 ringgit for it, its even MORE than my monthly pocket money, yes, i get RM50 from my dad a month coz normally my allowance comes in Sing Dollars, and its usually just nice for a month so watever i need extra i ask from him. So i spent MORE than my monthly pocket money to buy that damn mouse and he tells me my table is too smooth. I almost made a scene that he finally gave in and changed a new mouse for me, claiming that all optical mice are like that. Fine, i'm using the new mouse now for the first time and no matter how bad it responds, it still responds better than the previous mouse. Period. Super tempted to go back to the shop and wag my middle finger at them, but no, i won't. I won't do that, it gives me greater satisfaction to have known i don stoop to their level to trick customers. So if i retaliate am i no better than them? Ha, nice one, they won't get at me. No wait, am i tokking sense at all?

Jordan my other bloggie mate has this project with Red Cross of Singapore to encourage people in SMU to donate blood. Not sure how successful it is, but i think he suddenly realised how many people are infected with STDs ;) On the day of the Blood Donation Drive, people strangely start contracting AIDS, Gonorrhea and Syphillis and what have you just to get away from donating blood. :D Good luck Jordan, i'd help you if i didn't have a phobia of blood, and mine's real, I swear it. But even then i think i'd still help you, if u're reading this, tell me when your next drive is :)

Dr@n|xX at 5:32 PM